4.3 5 0 338 338 There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of Lay's Poppables that makes you go "mmmm".
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Perfect for partys!
Served these at my last BBQ and the guests loved them, went through 2 bags! Great flavor and no greasy fingers!
Full of flavor!
Brought these to a BBQ and I wound up eating most of the bag myself. They are so light and full of flavor. Will definitely buy again.
Light & Flavorful!
I have been a fan of Lay's Poppables since i first tried them. I recently tried this flavor and I love it! If you like airy, crunchy snacks with a bit of a kick then I would recommend you try these!
Very flavorful
Great product, crispy ,airy taste ,and flavor. The light texture doesn't leave you feeling sluggish like greasy traditional potato chips. I would recommend these to everyone. Especially if you like spicy but just enough and not too much.
I absolutely loved this product. The flavor was amazing and the texture is quite satisfying. They’re great for kids but even as an adult I find myself eating these over and over again.
I love it
If you are looking for a spicy product and delicious flavor, you should try them
🤔Could of been worse... lol 🤐😬
Although it's the spicy new flavor but it's still too plan along with all the other poppables varieties. I love the design of it, just how it's shaped and spaced out not just a Chuck of chip puff. So good potential on being the one and only difference but I would suggest more flavors full robust in flavor for some of the kinds you had along with combo flavors maybe a tortilla style one n the usual regular ones like BBQ sour cream n onion ranch nap/ranch combo , hot, dill pickle, loaded baked pot mozzarella cheeseburger with cheese dill pickle onion flavors idk I could go on n on with this LoL 🙃😉
Crunchy without hurting the roof of your mouth..flavor was not over powering, the creamy was a nice change up on jalapeno!
Lay’s Poppable Creamy Jalapeño
Lay’s Poppable Creamy Jalapeño snacks are the best. I love ❤️ the taste of Poppables I have tried them all. Highly recommend this to my friends and family & Home TC
These are so good! They have a nice crunch and a little bite.
Creamy, finger-licking deliciousness
I enjoyed Lays Poppables in this flavor. Whether munching them during a movie night or enjoying them with my sandwich at work they are appetizing and scrumptious.
These are very tasty and the poppables have been my go to snack. The jalapeño one is especially flavorful. They are just what I need!
These are pretty darn yummy, they could have just a hint more jalapeno flavor, but they're still good as is.
Satisfyingly crunchy
Flavor was great. Satisfying and crunchy with a kick. Kids also enjoyed.
Good flavor
These have a good flavor but they are kind of hard there not as light as I thought they would be they do have a nice flavor not hot could be a lot hotter I do reccomend these if your a fan of jalapeno flavor

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