4.2 5 0 329 329 There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of Lay's Poppables that makes you go "mmmm".
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They were light and fluffy pops of spicy goodness. The flavor was rich and had a little kick to it. Definitely a perfect snack for any time of day.
This had a pretty good taste. I like the shape. I didn’t get a hint of creamy but it had a kick to it.
Jalapeno lays
Perfect bite size snack for somebody who loves a kick of spice.
What can I say besides lays came out with some very amazing flavors. These popables are so amazing they will leave you wanting more and more. Not to spicy just the right punch you need .
Great product
I love Popables. These jalepeno ones are delicious. They have a very fresh jalapeno taste. But not too spicy. They are light and airy and not greasy. The are wonderful to travel with as they do not crumble like regular chips do. So yummy
Not a fan
It's not really for me. I like the flavor jus not the hotness but the white cheddar and bbq are great
Cool tatse
Very nice flavor. I love this type of snack in any of the flavors, but this one was awesome. Great taste of hotness, no aftertaste great snack to have on the go. Would recommend for adults
Best tasting chips out...
I was a skeptic but I tried them anyway. From the first bite I was hooked. Great crunch ,flavor and the spice is perfect. I have even gotten my wife and son hooked on them... A++
I like the light and airy taste. The flavor is just right, not too spicy hot. Too easy to eat up the whole bag in one sitting.
These chips are additive and yummy, light and fantastic!
I’m in love
I love this chip but it’s more like popcorn my kids love it . They will eat it all the time
Fluffy spice
I love the way this crispy air is so fluffy as it melts in your mouth so creamy and spicy
Jalapeno Poppables
Not a fan of the jalapeno flavor. Really like the white cheddar and sea salt though. No guilt for just munching away on them. Light and airy snack.
Great taste
Great taste not a fan of the other flavors but this one is great love jalapeno flavor
Love them !
Great taste , crispy and because it is light and airy , you can finish a whole bag of it without feeling guilty !

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