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Lay's Poppables Sea Salt Potato Snacks
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Too much vinegar...
I'm in love with every flavor of these but this one. They are light and airy snacks. I did not care for the strong vinegar taste in the nor my family. The bag basically went to waste. If the vinegar was a little lighter they would be great.
I like air don’t get me wrong... but I can just breath and get it for free, or I can purchase these and eat them because I have not seen a difference. Seriously they taste like absolutely nothing! If you need to snack and are looking for low calorie they’re perfect for you!
It's good
I haven't tried the sea salt one yet but I have tried the cheddar one. And enjoyed it very much! They are so light and cheesey I totally recommend popables
I love these
These are one of my go-to snacks. I love how they are shaped, it makes snacking that much more fun! The sea salt flavor is also just the right amount of salt, and not overwhelming.
Light & bright!
Nice amount of salt! The texture is great! Nice and light, even though you know you shouldn't, the airiness causes less guilt.
So, I was literally on the fence about this product. On one hand I like the saltiness. On the other I feel like all I get out of it is bland corn. Now, if you dip these bad boys in a rotel cheese dip. OMG. Get outta here.
Tasty and crunchy, my kids loved them! I want to try other flavors
Salty delights
The salty taste make these a delightful option to go with a sandwich or burger. The crunch is crazy good. Try them you’ll be glad you did
Odd Texture
The texture reminds me of the old 3-D Doritos. Its kinda odd. However, the flavor was on point.
Simple Snack on the Go
I think that these are a fantastic alternative to chips because they have such a great texture and taste. We buy these all the time and I would highly recommend these to someone looking to try them.
taste good
I had never heard of this until I got a bag to sample and I like them. They are light and airy and the perfect bite size. They aren't super salty so if you don't like things to be really salty, these are for you. They also are low in saturated fat which is a plus.
Good in a different way
I was introduced to these by a friend. She suggested these because they were healthier. Texture wise they are different once you crunch down on them the first time it’s like the rest mealts in your mouth. I liked the flavor of it but it takes a few bits to get use to it.
Light & airy but bland
I loved the light and airy texture of the chips but they were kind of bland, very little salt taste probably will not buy again
these are my absolute, favorite chips by far! very addictive
Light Snack
Delightful mouthful of airy sensations easy to get carried away eating. The sea salt is just enough to tantalize the taste buds.

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