Lemi Shine® Dishwashing Detergent

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Lemi Shine® Dishwashing Detergent


I was disappointed with the Lemishine product. I expected very clean dishes especially for the price. However it did smell nice.I need to use 2 packets to get my dishes clean.
Work Good
These dishwashing detergent pods work well and are reasonably priced. They clean my dishes perfectly and they have a couple nice scents that I like.
Lemi Shine dishwasher detergent
Lemi Shine really cleans well and smells great! But it's an expensive product, so I'll go back to my regular dishwashing detergent until I find Lemi Shine on sale and use coupons for it!
Really Like
I really like the lemi shine line. I love the dishwashing detergant it works just as well as the leading brands and it smells good. My dishes are always really clean afterward. There isn't gunk or smudges or the foggy residue on the dishes. It works well. Especially if you clean your dishwasher every few weeks with the lemi shine dishwasher cleaner.
This works well. The tabs are tightly packed and do not stick together like the gel ones sometimes do. Would definitely get again.
My favorite dishwashing detergent pacs!
These do great in the dishwasher. They are not overpowering as some pacs can be. They do a great job of cleaning dishes, pots, pans, glasses, and silverware. No water spots noticed!
Lemony fresh
I really like Lemi shine. I try and remember to use about once a month. Really easy, just toss in a pod in a empty dishwasher and run a cycle.
No slime or residue
I absolutely love this product for being the best nonchemical automatic dishwashing cleaner. I avoid chemical-laden dish tabs or liquids as they more often than not leave a slime that ends up tasting like chemicals. This brand works every bit as well if not better than the leading dish detergent.
This dishwasher detergent works great. It leaves the dishes sparkling clean and fresh smelling. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
I love this for my Dishwasher, it gets my dishes and glasses clean and shines them as well! I have never used a product that shines my dishes quite like this!
Good but not worth buying
I love the results but when I got tired of the price, I checked the ingredients. This is basically just citric acid that I can buy so much of for the price or one bag of this. Save your money.
Powerful little pods!
Powerful, yet toxin-free, these little pods get the job done! They fit perfectly in my dishwasher detergent compartment and leave zero residue. On top of all that, they smell good, too. I will buy this product once I finish up with my current brand.
Have tried this product before .Left the dishes unclean & cloudy.Had to rewash them all over again with a different soap.How ever my hubby used it to clean bullet shell casing in his sonic cleaner & cleaned pretty well
Lemi Shine
Lemi Shine Dishwashing Detergent. Works very well and has a pleasant smell
Game changer!
I recently tried this product because of a coupon and an extremely good sale price. I am a long term user of another product but no more. This dish tab was amazing, all the dishes were sparkling clean and the dishwasher too. Even my husband noticed!

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