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bes vac ever
LG CordZero™ A9 Stick Dual Power is an incredible vacuum. in fact it is one of the best ive ever owned. it run smoothly, vaccums everything up quickly, it is easy to clean and maintain. It was it was rather easy to assemble and i coulkd do it by myself with minimal to no tools. the sleek unique design is very attrative and my mom even complimented me on it.
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Wish I had purchased it sooner!
This vac is light, has no cord, and all the parts can clean just about anything. On normal power it's almost silent. The next 2 power modes are like a turbo and a super turbo. This vac will reach into, under or up high to any area. It leans like a regular vac causing no undue strain. It works on carpet, tile, wood and even fabrics. The hard floor piece has a soft rotating brush and slim runners to prevent scratches with a feel like gliding across the floor. The extension tube expands for comfort and the pieces snap together with ease and release the same. One downfall is the size of the collecting tank. It's small; emptying it often is required. The quick release makes dumping easy. This vac has 2 batteries so no running out of juice. The wall mount/free standing dock gives the ability to store and recharge easily. I would recommend use with stairs, a condo or apt. or even a small office. Not that it couldn't handle large areas, but the tank will need to be emptied often. I love it.
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Best Vacuum EVER!
Let me start off by saying that this is by far the best vacuum ever! I love how the vacuum is cordless, and how it comes with two different heads. One head is for carpet, the other for hardwood and tile floors. The handle is telescoping, so you can adjust it. I like how the vacuum heads are made so that no hair can get tangled around it that you normally have to use a pair of scissors to remove the tangled hair mess. This vacuum has power, and two power settings. I have four indoor cats and one dog. This vacuum picked up so much pet hair that my other vacuum missed. I was amazed. The vacuum swivels making it so much easier to use, and it reaches under places that my old vacuum couldn't reach. I love all of the other attachments it came with, and it can be used as a hand held vacuum for couches, automobiles, stairs, etc. I also love how quiet this vacuum is, and it has a removable HEPA filter that you can wash and reuse. When charged, the vacuum will run for eighty minutes.
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The LG Cord Zero vacuum was a good vacuum. It was very easy to put together and was very easy to take apart. I like the idea of being able to use at different lengths. It was perfect for the stairs and then put it back together and use it for the floors. Very quick. The suction was very good and very easy to empty the cup out. The batteries lasted the whole time that i did the house and recharged very quickly. This is a better vacuum than others that I have seen advertised. It surprised me how light it was without loosing suction. Also with no cords you are able to get in places that with a corded vac you couldn't
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It was easy to use, very lightweight! I have carpet & hardwood and was able to use on both. I have a dog that is also stood up to!
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Awesome power and battery life
Very happy with this vacuum. First of all, putting it together is a piece of cake, everything is packaged ingeniously and snaps together easily, I didn't even have to check the instructions. I LOVE the dual power pack - keep one on the charger while using the other one, you'll never run out of power. Second, the battery seems to last a LONG time. Better than the dyson i've used before. Suction is great, this thing sucks up stray kitty litter like there's no tomorrow. I like that the charging station stands on its own and doesn't need to be mounted to the wall. Only negative so far: the "turbo" setting is a bit loud.
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they thought of everything
first of all let me say that im a vacuum cleaner nut...i love vacuum cleaners and i have several including a built in vacuum system....im hard to please with a vacuum and im am very very pleased with this lg cord zero stick dual....i have a corded stick that i like but it doesnt have any tools with it and its hard to manage the cord...this vacuum is as powerful as the corded stick and comes with all the tools you need plus it keeps an extra battery charged if you run out of power.....thats a great feature...the run time for one battery is long enough that ive yet to run our of power even when using te turbo mode..it picks up an amazing amount of dust and dirt and the cup is very easy to empty. i have to say its powerful , convenient and extremely well designed ...it comes with a pop on charging stand too so i dont have to deal with plugging it in to charge it..thats a great feature!
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so worth the money
my lg has great mobility takes curves well and has amazing suction.i always hated vacuuming due to back injury but this is lightweight,adjusts to you height and is super fast to use.i love it so much i vacuum everyday now lol.i will never buy another cheap vacuum!love the storage fitting into a small corner and mountable base,comes with a second battery that both can charge at the same time.truely a lifesaver,the turbo option cleans way down in the carpet and the hardwood floor attachment works great,plus you can also use this as a handheld!you cannot ask for a better vacuum!wtg lg you knocked it outta the park!
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Lifts the dirt and so lightweight!
I’m throwing away my dust buster, robot and corded vacuum because this is the most incredible cleaning machine I’ve ever owned! Our family has 2 cats and a 2 story home with all hardwood floors. My favorite part about this vacuum is that it is so lightweight. I can take it from level to level with ease. You can literally pick it up with one hand. The attachments are wonderful, it allows you to easily switch from hardwood to carpet. The rug attachment has powerful suction but at the same time doesn’t lift your rug off the floor. (If you’ve ever tried to use a heavy upright vacuum on a rug you know how annoying it is to suck those rug edges up). The A9 is also shockingly quiet in comparison to other vacuums. I love that it comes with two batteries and the docking station. The pivoting head is nice as well. It has the ability to go in the tightest corners, under beds and great for stairs. The only negative is emptying the filter requires you to put your hand in to get all the dust out.
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Lightweight power
I really love the LG CordZero A9 Stick Dual Power product it was really easy to assemble. I mounted it easily and its so lightweight. I love this product its so easy to use and really does a great job picking up messes from 6 sons , 3 dogs and 2 cats. An amazing product that I really love I honestly cannot find one single thing I don't like about this product.
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Great vacuum cleaner, full of power.
It is not like any vacuum cleaner that I have ever seen before, and I have owned a few vacuum cleaner. This one is definitely unique to say the least. When I turned it on, it kelp going off,I quickly discovered why that was happening, silly me,I needed to charge the battery. So after it was charged up,I turned it on.And wow I was shocked at just how powerful this vacuum really was.Never have I ever owned a vacuum with this much suction power behind it. I cleaned and vacuumed my floor rug,with my own dirt devil vacuum, and it cleaned my rug good,so I knew the rug was clean.Well I used this LG vacuum cleaner on the same rug,it got up stuff in my rug I didn't know was there. I really like this LG vacuum cleaner, better than my dirt devil vacuum cleaner.And I most surprised at how lite- weight this vacuum cleaner is,and very powerful it is.it was so easy for me to use and operate,and I have health problems, but this vacuum cleaner is so easy for me to use. .
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Excellent compact vacuum
I love the LG CordZero vacuum! I have a variety of floor types (carpet, rugs, hardwood, tile) and this works effortlessly on all of them. I am a huge fan of it being cordless, so convenient. No need to unplug and replug a cord while moving around my entire house. Suction power is great, picks up a good amount of dirt and debris. Very easy to empty and simple to put back into its charging dock. Great vacuum that's compact and effective.
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My experience with the LG CordZero
My experience with the LG CordZero Vacuum cleaner. It was easy to assemble out of the box, it charged very quickly and lasted a very long time. This vacuum is extremely light weight but it picks up everything everywhere. It's awesome and I totally recommend this LG cordzero to everyone.
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Great features!
I got the CordZero Vacuum Cleaner about a week ago and I find it is one of the best hand-held vacua I have ever used! The vacuum has a smooth and easy handling - easy to maneuver the corners. I feel that this vacuum is quieter than the other handy vacuums I have used before. The best part of this vacuum is that it could slide easily under my bed and under the sofa by turning the handle 90 degrees. It also has a good turbo suction. Another great feature of this vacuum is that it displays a battery meter whilst using and also during charging. It allows you to monitor the battery life and switch batteries if it runs out. Pretty amazing that you get given two batteries, and you can charge both batteries in one go! Overall I rate the CordZero A9 Vacuum 5/5, I am very happy and satisfied with purchasing it!
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Sleek and high quality
This product is innovative and I enjoyed using it! It's a stick vacuum that is powerful enough to replace a corded one. Overall: 4 out of 5 Features: 4 out of 5 – needs bonus brush and wand pack to be really useful Value for money: 4 out of 5 – expensive but worth it Performance: 4 out of 5 – better than a 2400W corded vacuum but limited battery time loses a point Ease of Use: 4 out of 5 – Convenient for short use. I have a 1300 sq ft home and it completed the whole thing in one charge. Design: 4 out of 5 – very attractive and sleek design!
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