4.9 5 0 117 117 Effectively lifts dust, dirt and pet hair from carpets.
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dual power stick lg
I think it works just fine get to clean a lot of places usally cant get to clean your carpets clean your other wood floors its just a great tool
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The best
Works incredibly well and is so versatile I don’t think I’ll ever need another vacuum!
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It really is small, but mighty
I love how small and what little space this took up. The times that I was able to use the turbo features had it sucking up everything that I needed it to. This is definitely small, but mighty. I love that it was cordless so tripping over cords or having to worry about switching outlets when going g to a different room. I was able to easily switch between upstairs and downstairs with ease. The only downside I would have to say would be that the charge doesn't last long when in modes outside of normal. It is helpful that it comes with two batteries that can easily be switched out.
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Cordless, but with the power of Corded!
Hands down, was blown away when I tried this. It's cordless yet performs better than several of the corded vacuums I've used. We use this at work for the lobby of the restaurant. Food, hair, dirt, just about anything you can imagine ends up there, and it's cleaned with ease. Not to loud, super light weight, overall phenomenal product.
Cleans up like no other!
I live in a house with women who have long hair and no vacuum cleaner lasts more than a few months! This one has incredible suction power and all those hairs are not even close to ruining this one! I have tried it on my carpet and hardwood floors and it works just wonderful! This one's a keeper!
This Vacuum is a little PowerHouse! So Light and easy to use! I have 2 small grandkids and 3 dogs here all the time with 75% carpet throughout my house, so trust me when I say it can handle all their messes!
Hands down best floor cleaner for the moment. It’s compact lightweight powerful and gets the job done
Amazing suction
I'll tell ya with a home full of messy people and animals a person needs a good vaccume to help keep your home tidy. You dont have to worry about dirt being too small to pick up this vaccume will puck it all up! From dirt clumps to fine pet hair!
Let me start off by saying that this is by far the best vacuum ever! I love how the vacuum is cordless, and how it comes with two different heads. One head is for carpet, the other for hardwood and tile floors. The handle is telescoping, so you can adjust it. I like how the vacuum heads are made so that no hair can get tangled around it that you normally have to use a pair of scissors to remove the tangled hair mess. This vacuum has power, and two power settings. I have four indoor cats and one dog. This vacuum picked up so much pet hair that my other vacuum missed. I was amazed. The vacuum swivels making it so much easier to use, and it reaches under places that my old vacuum couldn't reach. I love all of the other attachments it came with, and it can be used as a hand held vacuum for couches, automobiles, stairs, etc.
Great vacum
Used this at my parents house and fell in love with it!! Works great suction is awesome and ease of use, very light weight and just wonderful, wish we had one of our own.
I got to try this awesome vacuum cleaner last month when I stayed at my families vacation hime and now I'm obsessed with it! Works so great picks up everything and is lightweight and easy to maneuver
LG CordZero A9 Stick Dual Power vacuum is one of the best vacuums I have ever used in my life. It does exactly what it says. It runs smooth, east to use, fits in small spaces and the design is so bold and appealing. It is great!
Best vacuum
I’ve been searching for months a vacuum that will make my life easier ! Cleaning the house it’s one of my priorities and I like to do efficiently in a timely manner.. this vacuum is a dream!!!! .. happy to have found it!

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