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LG French Door Refrigerator
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French fridge door
This fridge is much more better then my old one, more space great freezer I never have to make ice myself
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The Coolest Fridge Ever!
This cute, economical silver color refrigerator is the coolest and most durable with ample space to accommodate all your perishable household items. It includes an ice maker, 3 shelves plus fruits and vegetables compartments. It also enriches your home and brings out the best of it. I would personally recommend this product to everyone!
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LG French Door Fridge
Overall this is a beautiful fridge. I love the many compartments that it has and all the functions that it possess. I love that its double doors, and that if you don't fully close the doors the fridge will make a noise alerting you that its not fully closed yet. The only thing I dislike is the size. I wish it was bigger to fit more stuff, that's my only complaint about it. I underestimated the size, but overall it is a very nice fridge.
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This refrigerator is a winner.
This LG French door refrigerator has more pros than cons. I love it more than my last one for sure. The bottom pull out freezer is convenient and surprisingly more spacious than a 2 door unit. The double door up top is wonderful. I love being able to package my leftovers in a few bento boxes for my husband's work lunch, and still have space for other stored food. I frequently bake and it has plenty of space to store my baked goods as well. The water tastes fresher than from the tap thanks to the filter, and yes, it dispenses nice and cold. My one and only quirk for this fridge is that the ice dispenses into the bottom pull out freezer, this forfeiting the crushed ice option as it is not on the door...however, I believe this setup allows for less bulkiness and more space efficiency. So dispite that, it has so many other great features that I can't be truly displeased. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this refrigerator and I have recommended it to friends.
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Everything a refrigerator should be!
This LG French Door Refrigerator is a slimmer design for a french door. It fit about as perfect as it could for the space we have. I love the fruit and veggie drawers and the long serving draw. It’s very customizable with all the different shelves and door bins and having the deep freezer drawer on the bottom is so convenient. The water dispenser in the door is a huge plus and I can’t get over that fact that the ice maker makes traditional cube shaped cubes!
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LG French Door Fridge
I really liked this fridge upgrade from our old fridge we had to replace in our rental home. I love the accessibility to get into the fridge when cleaning it out. If I had to change anything I would like to make the attachments in the door to be a little thicker but o would still definitely recommend.
Nice product
Great fridge! Lots of space, very stylish and great price. Easy to adjust temps as well. Highly recommend!
Beautiful roomy stainless steel fridge
I love my LG french door refrigerator. It is a beautiful stainless steel. It is really roomy on the inside, with separate compartments for my food. The icemaker and water on the front is so convenient, and I love the pull-out freezer on the bottom. I have owned this fridge for 2 years and so far so good, no issues at all.
Durable and Smart
We have owned LG French Door Refrigerator since 2018. So far we have not have any issue. It has good space and very well designed compartments. Freezer section is divided into 3 segments which allows you to organize your ice creams, frozen food and vegetables nicely. Although we have RO in the house, in summer we use it water from refrigerator. Ice system is good. ICe comes out slightly crushed form which gets mixed easily and make it perfect for Soda and lemonade in summer.
i will never go back to a traditional fridge again, i love this it has so much space i never have to stack all my items to make them fit or have to pull everything out to find what i need
Excellent fridge.
I love this refrigerator. I have it in my rental unit and my tenants always say how much they love it as well. It’s a very nice design and it is very efficient it is actually saved me a lot of money on my electric bill compared to the previous friends that I had.
Really modern, economical refrigerator with a great space to keep a vast variety of items in it. Thus French door fridge includes an ice maker, shelves and compartments for fruit and vegetables. LG makes really good appliances.
LG French Door Fridge
I have had this fridge for about 6 years. I have never had any issues with it at all. The water filter is easy to change. The back is easy to clean and maintain. Great fridge all the way around!
This fridge is a champ
This LG French entryway icebox has a bigger number of geniuses than cons. I adore it more than my last one without a doubt. The base hauls out cooler is helpful and shockingly more extensive than a 2 entryway unit. The twofold entryway up top is superb. I cherish having the option to bundle my scraps in a couple of bento boxes for my better half's work lunch, and still, have space for others put away nourishment. I as often as possible heat and it has a lot of room to store my prepared merchandise too. The water tastes fresher than from the tap because of the channel, and truly, it apportions pleasant and cold. My unrivaled peculiarity for this cooler is that the ice administers into the base haul out cooler, this relinquishing the squashed nice choice as it isn't on the door...however, I accept this arrangement considers not so much massiveness but rather more space productivity. So in spite of that.
Terrible! Broke after less than 2 years.
I purchased this fridge and immediately received a ton of compliments, however the compressor broke after less than 2 years and LG didn't want to fix it even though the compressor has a 10 year warranty. After talking to the appliance repair company, these are going out right and left. He fixes and diagnoses at least 10 of them a week. After getting 3 P.O.'s from LG, it's looking like they may actually fix it, however, I had to blast them on Twitter just to get their attention. I will never buy another LG appliance or TV in the future.

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