5 5 0 8 8 The LG Kimchi and Specialty Food refrigerator features a unique lactic acid option that automatically adjusts temperatures to enhance and increase the production of lactic acid bacteria that are key to fermented foods.
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Very impressive, definitely recommend
The Kimchi/Specialty Food French Door Refrigerator comes with three different types of containers to hold various types of kimchi and plenty of door shelves to hold drinks and other items. There are no door handles, rather grooves under the french doors and on top of the bottom drawers that provide a very modern look. It is slimmer than a regular refrigerator, taking up less space. It is also very quiet and the different temperature settings adjust very quickly. Overall, very impressed and would definitely recommend!
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Great Fridge
I like this fridge a lot. It has a air filter inside to keep the smell from the kimchi away.
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Beautiful and efficient Kimchi fridge
I just love my Kimchi/Specialty Food refrigerator! The size is just perfect for my place and there is so many compartment bins for my different kimchi. The sealed containers help keep the strong smell in the bins and allows me not to worry about other foods absorbing the kimchi smell/taste. I feel the LG Kimchi refrigerator has better value than Dimchae Kimchi refrigerator and looks better with french doors (Easier to open wide). Great thing about this fridge is its freshness guard cover. My food can stay fresh longer in airtight storage.
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Amazing and impressive
This is amazing and I already have my mother wanting to purchase one for herself to replace the one she has. It’s so sleek and fits right in with our other stainless steel appliances. We’ve always had a cheap, separate, non-specialty fridge that we kept in the garage to keep our kimchi and Korean food in (because my husband says it makes the water and milk taste weird. I disagree). This one fits right in and isn’t embarrassing and “stinky.” The kimchi’s fresh flavor and crispness is retained. It’s quiet and beautiful (my mother’s other brand kimchi fridge is definitely not as good looking). I don’t have to worry that my huge stash of kimchi will sour too quickly.
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The Must Go-To Kimchi Fridge!
The LG Kimchi Specialty Food French Door Refrigerator is truly remarkably designed and seamlessly built. The color and stainless finish of the fridge matches perfectly with the interior deisgn of my home. I make a lot of homemade Kimchi and it was always a challenge to store it properly for maximum taste and freshness...until now! The LG Kimchi and Specialty Food refrigerator includes a freshness guard cover that reduces cold air loss and keeps moisture in, enhancing the flavor of my Kimchi. This fridge has several compartments to store just about anything! I LOVE it! The digital readout is very innovative and informative, with many settings to store my foods and to keep them fresh. The tight seal for the Kimchi compartment is state-of-the-art technolgy, and there is no odor from the fermentation process. With so much storage, I can now make months worth of Kimchi with a peace of mind that it was stay fresh and delicious. Very quiet also! This fridge is a life-saver and very top-notch.
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I would absolutely love to try out this LG refrigerator I'm a big lg fan as it is but didnt know they made refrigerators like this one this would be perfect for my husband and I and our grandkids
I couldn't afford a frig like this, but I sure would be willing to receive one.
I have had a lot of LG products at home, but I have not have the opportunity to have a refrigerator, definitely I would love to have one like this one, I am sure it has the same quality as all the other products, Lg definitely a brand I trust.

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