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Mom of 2
Love the benefit of the double LG Oven, its save me space on my counter, no need to have a microwave on my kitchen counter. With the LG Double Cut Cook Time in Half Speed Oven you get the hustle of a microwave with the quality you expect from a convection oven. I Bake whole chickens, lasagna, pizzas and more—no preheating needed. Cook with Confidence with the speed of the microwave, and crisp on the outside with the help of the conventional oven
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I had this installed right after Thanksgiving, and have been using it for a few months now. I wanted to really use the oven before writing a review, as sometimes opinions can change after using a product for awhile. There is definitely a learning curve! My last oven seemed to always be a little higher in temp than the setting, so I had to shorten cooking times to avoid burning, This oven seems to be pretty true to the set temperature, so it took a bit to get used to. The wi-fi aspect has been a hit with my son, and after a bit of trial and error, I feel pretty confident using it myself now. The oven itself is also very pretty, and makes my whole kitchen look a bit more modern which I like.
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Best Double Oven EVER!!!
This double oven is the best addition and upgrade to my kitchen. It has allowed me to enhance my baking skills to a whole new level. All my desserts get perfectly cooked and is super easy to control thanks to its wi-fi connection. Controlling it from my phone allows me to be able to do other different activities without been concerned about ruining my dishes. Its style and design are absolutely gorgeous: so modern and elegant. They are super sturdy but lightweith so I didn’t have to be concerned about adding extra weight to my cabinets. I have received so many complements not only about how fast and efficient they are but also about their high-end look. My kitchen looks amazing! Now, I can look forward to have in more guests at home because that will give me a new opportunity to use them.
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LG wi-fi Enabled Combination Double Oven
I have recieved an installed my LG Smart wi-fi Enabled Combination Double Wall Oven. It is a beautiful oven and has so many cool features. I used it to bake muffins and biscuits and it has plenty of room to bake more than one item at a time. I love that the oven can be locked so my little one cant open it while it is hot and burn himself. It has so many features that I need to try out that I will be baking my heart out. The steam drawer is definitely a bonus for baking breads and steaming veggies. This is an amazing wall oven and I am very happy with it. The only downside is that it is much bigger than my older oven but we were able to cut my cabinets to fit it perfectly in place. I would definitely recommend this oven to anyone. I am still working on linking the oven to my smart phone and I am sure it will be even better. Also having a microwave and convection oven is a bonus so I could free up some counter space. In all this is an amazing oven and I love it.
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Innovative and stylish
Installation was as easy as installing appliances can be. A two man job for sure! The finish and look of this product is premium!! It fits in my kitchen perfectly! The WiFi feature and app is innovative and something you didn’t know you needed!!! No more wondering if you remembered to turn off the oven. Or dinner being late because you forgot to preheat. The oven features a large oven with plenty of space to cook an entire meal. The convection oven/microwave this at a level that allows my older children to easily reach so they may prepare their own quick Meals! Can’t wait to see what else LG comes out with! Now I need all the matching appliances
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LG wi-fi Enabled Combination Double Oven
I had this introduced just subsequent to Thanksgiving, and have been utilizing it for a couple of months now. I needed to truly utilize the broiler before composing an audit, as in some cases conclusions can change in the wake of utilizing an item for some time. There is certainly an expectation to absorb information! My last stove appeared to consistently be somewhat higher in temp than the setting, so I needed to abbreviate cooking times to abstain from consuming, This broiler is by all accounts quite consistent with the set temperature, so it took a piece to become accustomed to. The wi-fi viewpoint has been a hit with my child, and after a touch of experimentation, I feel entirely sure utilizing it myself now. The broiler itself is additionally extremely beautiful and makes my entire kitchen look more present day which I like
I would love to try out this oven on this baby . Cooking is my passion , this would make the holidays so much easier . Gonna have to keep it in my wish list till I can snag one .
Wow!!! Be Great have Double Ovens and wi-fi to be Awesome.with my family this sure would be super useful and sooo handy.I would be thrilled try this out and tell my reviews on it,please
I would love to explore this item and share my opinion, it would be nice to have.

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