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Gas stovetop & electric convection oven!
This is a very unique oven that has a gas stovetop but an electric oven. So it gives you the benefits of both. I have always preferred a gas range. I like my burners to turn on and off immediately. But it is unusual to be combined with an electric convection oven that provides even baking worthy of a professional baker! I did have to hire an electrician to do some work on my house because though I had a gas oven before, I only had a 110V plug and you will need a 220V connection. So please make sure you have the correct connections of both the gas and electric. The work was quite expensive. However, I love my new oven. It is top of the line, and looks professional and sleek! I love that the main burner I use (front right) is extremely large and I also like the griddle in the middle. I’ve never had a griddle and it’s come in so handy! The oven heats up quickly and evenly and cookies and lasagna have come out perfectly. This oven has everything you’d ever want in a range.
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Loven My Oven
This oven is amazing!! It bakes everything so evenly and quickly. It’s very easy to use, and has many features to offer. I love the placement of the touchscreen and knobs, as it helps to keep it from getting turned on accidentally when standing too close. The size is also very nice, as it makes it so much more convenient to cook more things at once.
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Great Oven
The first thing I noticed and liked about this stove is the placement of the knobs and touch screen, which means you wont be turning them on accidently. Not with this stove, your body wont touch them when standing there and cooking. I really love the different sized burners on top, each has a different btu output so you can simmer to speed boiling . The touchscreen is so easy to use, it is very responsive to touch and easy to follow. The oven is great, I LOVE the size, I can now use my large roaster and keep the lid on, something I couldn't do with my GE oven.The heating element is on the back so you get perfect cooking. The blue interior is so easy to clean, spray with water, turn the oven on and 10 minutes later wipe it clean. No more chemical smell and also unlike other self clean ovens, doesn't make the color of the interior look dull and white. The app is another nice feature and allows you to turn the oven on and off and also check how much time it has left and the temp.
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Quality Dual-Fuel Slide in Range
I have really enjoyed using the LG Smart wi-fi enabled dual fuel range with ProBake Convection and EasyClean. This is our first experience with an LG appliance. I really appreciate the sleek design. The oven pre-heats quickly and bakes evenly. I also love the griddle design for the center burner the way it locks in and won't slip around. The drawbacks for me was the wi-fi was not compatible with my home network as it requires 2.4GHz and our home is on 5GHz. Also, the racks do not slide easily in and out of the oven. Would have liked to seen the use of a glide rack with a ball bearing system. Finally, I found the timer very sensitive and hard to use. You barely touch the + key and suddenly find yourself at 20 minutes. Try to go back and you zoom down to 5 minutes. You have to be very quick and intentional to get just the right time. And, unless I am missing something, you cannot add cook time without turning off the oven and turning it on again. Overall I would give this range 4 stars.
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Gas and electric stove
Well.... This stove got off to a rocky start. It was listed as a gas stove, which is what i was switching out. What wasnt specified, was that you needed a gas and the special electric hookup [for an electric stove] which i didnt have. I had to contact my electrician, who just happened to have a free afternoon to come and install the 4 prong electrical outlet. After that issue. The gas hooked up easily, and the stove slid in easy to the spot. I love the burner space, the burner racks are so heavy duty, i was impressed at that spot. I was super pleased woth the inclusion of the gridle that matches the burner racks. Its sleek and sturdy looking with some edge. Once powered up, the oven turns on and heats up quicker than my previous stove. I love it. I cook, i bake, and i never realized what i was missing.
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Quality Dual-Fuel Slide-in Range
This is an interesting broiler that has a gas stovetop however an electric broiler. So it gives you the advantages of both. I have constantly favored a gas extend. I like my burners to turn on and off right away. Yet, it is uncommon to be joined with an electric convection stove that gives notwithstanding preparing deserving of an expert bread cook! I had to contract a circuit tester to do some deal with my home in light of the fact that however, I had a gas stove previously, I just had a 110V fitting and you will require a 220V association. So please ensure you have the right associations of both the gas and electric. The work was very costly. Be that as it may, I adore my new stove. It is best in class, and looks proficient and smooth! I adore that the fundamental burner I use (front right) is incredibly huge and I likewise like the frying pan in the center.
Loved this kitchen awesome very good quality very nice loved loved it
No, but I have other LE appliances and happy with the products.

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