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LG Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Refrigerator
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Another Great LG Product
The LG refrigerator LFXS26973D. That I received from home tester is a beautiful refrigerator but most importantly it is functional.So much space in the upper double door space. With two ice makers that waste no space you will never run out.Having plenty of room , the air is able to circulate keeping temps correct for everything, helping to keep foods fresh longer.the digital read out on the door let's you know at what temp your refrigerator is inside without having to open the door to check. The WiFi app. allows you to monitor energy use and temps, get reminders of when it's time to change the water filter.I received the charcoal color one and with the grandkids The smudges and smears barely show .The bottom freezer compartment is huge..the drawer door opens effortlesslyand just glides shut with a light touch as do the upper doors.Mine does not have the Insta view door but so far it has been the roomies and most quiet ice maker I've ever owned.Perfect for a family.
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Gorgeous and functional!
LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView Door-in-Door® Refrigerator is absolutely gorgeous! It looks stylish and very modern. The finish is easy to clean and does not leave fingerprints. The inside is very functional. It has tons of storage space. We have a family of six and need lots of space. The LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView Door-in-Door® Refrigerator meets all of our needs. Now let me tell you about the bells and whistles. The wi-fi function is really great. I am not too technology savvy and figured this would be well beyond my abilities. It is not! The refrigerator is very user friendly. I have to say the very best feature of this refrigerator is the ice. We would run out of ice constantly with our other refrigerator. That is simply not the case with the LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView Door-in-Door® Refrigerator. The added ice feature is awesome and very useful!
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Best fridge I’ve owned
I absolutely LOVE the set up of this fridge. Things fit so wonderfully in it, there really is room for everything and I have never had that in a refrigerator. The 2 ice makers are the absolute best too. I have not run out of ice yet in the door or in the freezer compartment. The freezer is also very large. I can fit as much in as a small chest freezer. I have always had a fridge that was never quite big enough or it just didn’t fit things right but I have not had that problem with this one at all.
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A welcomed improvement
This LG refrigerator exceeded my expectations. It a welcomed change from my previous side by side. It's well lit and spacious. It offers great in door storage. The Wifi app connected to my older model android phone with no issue. I like that it offers features such as seasonal power saving mode. This may also come in handy for someone who travels often as well. The shelves are very easy to adjust. I loved the hidden ice maker. It allows you to have extra storage on the door. The freezer is spacious and has an extra pull out tray. The best feature for me is the indoor water dispenser. I found the ice maker makes ice within 12 hours of the fridge being installed. The overall capacity of the fridge fits my needs perfectly. The stainless steel finish is appealing and compliments my kitchen. At this time I can't find any cons with the fridge.
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Sleek looking fridge.
I am loving my new LG Smart Wifi Enabled Fridge! The app is so neat. You can tell how many times the doors were opened. You can see when it is using the MOST energy. The lighting is so much better than normal fridges. SO bright and clear. I love how it looks. The shelves are super easy to take out, which makes fitting larger items in it MUCH easier! SO HAPPY with it!
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My Favorite Appliance
I absolutely LOVE this fridge. Things fit so wonderfully in it, there really is room for everything and I have never had that in a refrigerator. The 2 ice makers are amazing t too. I have not run out of ice yet and we are using it all day! The freezer is also very large. This replaced my side by side and i love this fridge. So much room so organized and everything is easy to access!
Great fridge
Who wouldn’t want a fridge with Wi-Fi capabilities. This refrigerator is excellent it has many cost saving incentives and let’s face it we have to keep up with the times we need a refrigerator that has Wi-Fi capability such as this one. I would recommend this refrigerator to anyone looking to upgrade their current refrigerator.
best fridge ever!
I was hesitant in making such a large purchase without much research, but I'm glad I did! this fridge is amazing! it's sleek and sophisticated, and ridiculously smart. it has so much space for food, and the shelf cubby' s are perfect for condiments and drinks. the freezer has ample space as well, and can easily fit most anything you may want to store in it. the in-door water and ice are perfect, and offer cold water as well as cubed or crushed ice. there is a bonus ice bin in the freezer for larger quantities of ice.
Love it
Love this fridge. Wish I would have got it before the old Samsung I had.
We absolutely loved our wifi-enabled refrigerator! I love the Sleek design and how well it fits into our kitchen. it was affordable and I would definitely recommend to any new families moving into a new home.
Stunning and useful!
The LG cooler LFXS26973D. That I got from home analyzer is a lovely fridge however above all it is functional.So much space in the upper twofold entryway space. With two ice creators that waste no space, you will never run out. Having a lot of room, the air can course keeping temps right for everything, keeping sustenances new more. the advanced readout on the entryway tells you at what temp your icebox is inside without opening the entryway to check. The WiFi application. enables you to screen vitality use and temps, get tokens of when it's an ideal opportunity to change the water channel. I got the charcoal shading one and with the grandchildren, The smircesh and spreads scarcely appear. The base cooler compartment is huge..the cabinet entryway opens easily and just coasts shut with a light touch as do the upper entryways. Mine doesn't have the Insta see entryway yet so far it has been the roomies and most calm ice producer I've at any point claimed. Ideal for a family.
Love it
Love it. It holds a lot and looks clean. I like how I can set the temperature etc.
No I have not tried this I have a regular refrig this will really be great for my home I got four kids of my own so that means a lot of food
I would love to try this new fridge.It's beautiful and I really am interested in trying it and reviewing
This would be amazeing to enjoy to get water without opening the fridge.I always wanted one and couldn't afford get one.got an regular fridge.This would be better for me and my family please.be amazeing get try this.I would scream in delight.

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