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The Envy of Any Kitchen
I never thought of an oven as sexy but this one is!! The bright blue adds a beautiful pop of color and style. Several top burner choices with varying BTU output is sure to cook up anything you could possibly imagine with ease. The center burner with griddle is a game changer for grilling meats, pancakes, vegetables without the hassle of additional pans. The app is easy to install and setting reminders has been so handy. I would have preferred the larger oven to be on top rather than the bottom as bending over for larger meals tends to be strenuous as it is so close to the floor. I love the automatic shutoff feature as I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten in the past to turn my oven off after use.
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This item is Amazing.
This oven worked wonders. I'm excited that it has a cleaning cycle within and I also enjoy the convience of the double door availability. My daughter thought it was cool that Wifi can be acessed from the range.
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Cooking up a storm
I got the LG Smart wi-fi Enabled Gas Double Oven Slide-In Range with ProBake Convection and EasyClean and have fallen in love with it. It does take some getting use to but so far so great. Sears home delivery had delivered but couldnt legally install as it was gas so I suggest finding a company who is able to install gas stoves as we had to call a company and pay to have it set up which I was never informed of. The overall appearance of the oven is great its beautiful and very durable but not to heavy. Comes with anti tip brackets to install to prevent any accidents which is great for home with little kids. Self clean works great amd easy to follow instructions. Comes with griddle and wok holder as well as a meat thermometer. Has a sliding oven rack so it's easy to check whats.cooking rather then sticking your hand into a hot oven you can easily pull the rack out and in for easy checking one thing I wish it had was a lock for both ovens so my toddler cannot open the doors.
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In Love with this Oven!
I am so impressed with the Lg Smart Double Oven. With being able to Convection cook, I can rest easy knowing that my casseroles, cakes, and cookies will all come out evenly baked and brown from the top and bottom. I love that any prints that get on my oven are easily removed with a soft cloth. The slide in and out gliding racks are a great addition to this stove and brings out the food with the sliding rack. The burners are perfect when needing to cook large amounts and the additional griddle feature is a perfect way to cook our pancakes and breakfast foods. Being able to use both sections of the oven at the same time and with different temperatures is a lifesaver in our home. We can get our meals done in half the time because we are cooking so much at once! The smooth touch glass controls make it easy to set our timer, temperature and clock with just the push of our fingers. The inside is a beautiful blue, with an over sized window to check on what you're cooking. We love this oven!
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In love with this double oven!!!!
The LG smart wifi double oven has been very easy to set up with the app I put on my smartphone and also connecting to my home wifi. I am able to be at the store and start the oven preheat so when I get home I can throw dinner in the oven and begin baking right away! While baking I can go into the other room and pull up the app on my phone to see how much time is left on my timer or adjust the tempture or timer as needed! I receive alerts to my phone when the oven is preheated and when the timer goes off! The five burners are great for cooking big meals and the removeable griddle is a huge plus! The touchscreen is very easy to read along with the control knobs for the oven and burners. The top has 3 full length grates that are easy to remove to clean the stove top and this also came with a single grate for use with a wok! Ovens are easy to clean with or without the self clean option and the oven locks which is a plus while it is cleaning mode!
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No I have not tried a gas stove yet, I sure would like to receive one like this one.

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