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LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView Door-in-Door® Refrigerator Model Number: LFXS26596S
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Great Refrigerator, with Great Features!
I received an LG Smart InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator LFXS26596S from Home Tester Club to test and review. After 2 weeks we haven’t used all features, but so far it’s great. Easy installation. It quickly cooled down and produced ice. So much space – and love the fingerprint-resistant finish! The refrigerator feels solid – doors open/close gently but firmly, shelves are sturdy, drawers glide smoothly. Door-in-door compartment opens easily. Water and ice dispense nicely, but no drip tray--users are instructed to hold the cup a few extra seconds to catch drips. Had one instance of ice jamming. No egg storage bin in this model. Noise level is quite low, just ice dropping and a gentle hum of the motor. Love the Door-in-Door! Very convenient to quickly access often-used beverages and condiments. It’s a great energy saver, that’s important to us. Not great for milk – hard to get a gallon in/out thru the window, and the temperature is a little warmer. All in all, very pleased so far!
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WoW Just...Wow!!!
refrigerator is fantastic. You can knock on the door or clap to turn on the light for the instaview door. The two ice makers are an incredible upgrade. Depending on where you live and the temperature of your home it may take a few days for the upper ice maker to start making ice but it will. Need to set the freezer on the lowest temperature setting, try not to open it(this will prove hard to do)and wait. We couldn't stop playing with it so it took four-five days for the top ice maker to start, but it did. We just love this refrigerator. It's a giant piece of jewelry for the kitchen. We got the refrigerator first and the went and bought all of the matching appliances in this series. We couldn't be happier with our kitchen. LIFE'S GOOD!
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Great and Efficient
I love the look of this refrigerator-it is so stylish and the stainless looks great. The instaview door is perfect for putting the everyday essentials right at your fingertips. I like how I tap on the front and the light comes on to see what is there. The inside of the refrigerator stores a lot and has adjustable shelves. The drawers also hold a lot. This is my first bottom freezer refrigerator and I am really surprised how much food can be stored in the freezer. The water and ice dispenser is great and actually really quiet. I like that it has the bottom ice maker for entertaining. It is easy to wipe clean and does not leave fingerprints.
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LG Smart, Very Smart
Receiving this wonderful refrigerator to test has been a dream come true. LG has put the best technology available to work in this product. The WIFI ability was amazing. The ice maker and water dispenser are easy to use and work beautifully. It's large with an enormous freezer compartment below. To get something from the door all I do it tap it and a light comes on showing me what's in there. The dual doors make it easy and convenient to get into and find what you are looking for. I am completely in awe that advancements in appliances have come this far. I am proud to own this LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView Door-in Door Refrigerator. I tell everyone I know what a great product this is and recommend it to anyone thinking of replacing their old unit. You will love this!!!
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Amazing refrigerator
I love LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView door in door refrigerator. I am very satisfied with the capacity of it. It has a lot of great features like dual ice makers, glass door, smart cooling system,front opening.. I like the fact that is fingerprint resistant and you need to knock twice to see inside insta view’s glass panel which is so cool. The ice maker in the door works wonderful. I like the air filter that control all the smell in the interior. Also the water and ice filter work excellent. I like the fact that LG refrigerator is very quiet and it works amazing. The refrigerator looks beautiful in my kitchen. I love everything about it and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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Sad review
Sad but true Barely got to enjoy and appreciate mine enough to even begin to describe it to you Since I had it in my garage and backed up my truck to it to the point of no return I did bought mine Would Love to have another one for free for review Only had mine for 5 days 😭
LG insta view
I got this fridge for my new house and I love it! The knock knock function is very convenient and it looks so smart and stylish. The storage space is great as is expected being an American fridge freezer, and the cleaning aspect of it is easy, a simple wipe down and you’re good to go. The measurements aren’t humongous even though it does look huge Definitely would recommend
The best fridge we have had!
Obsessed with this fridge !! It is sleek modern easy to use and set up. Everyone who comes over compliments it!
I couldn't have chosen a better unit. Sleek and stylish! My guests can't get enough of it. A great investment. Would do it over if I had to.
Excellent fridge
I absolutely love this refrigerator. First off it is very efficient and the design is very sharp. The lighting inside is nice and bright but not too bright. I love that you can see through the door to view your contents inside the fridge and you don’t have to waste any energy by opening up the fridge to see what’s inside.
Such a nice upgrade.
I love it. The Screen makes picking out a snack choice so much easier for the kids. Not a lot of screaming "CLOSE THE DOOR" which is also nice. The overall look is so SLEEK and fancy! I am in love.
My mother has this fridge and it’s amazing. Love that u can see inside. I would definitely buy it and I also recommend it to everyone else. It’s an awesome product. My children love it too.
I love this refrigerator
I really am happy with my lg refrigerator. It is so organized and uses all the space so wisely. There is even a convertible shelf in my model. I love that I can knock to check what snack or drink I want before opening it. Anyone visiting enjoys knocking on it too. Its a real conversation piece. The filter keeps odors our and the ice is just the right size. An alarm sounds if it's left open too long too. I love this fridge.
Awesome 3rd door
The third door allows the kids to open up, grab a juice and go. No more little dirty fingers on my pies, or creations keep this stuff coming!

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