5 5 0 15 15 InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerators have a sleek glass panel that allows you to see inside the easy access door without letting the cold air out. Simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the contents within.
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Great product
I just received this LG refrigerator from Home Tester Club the other day and so far I love it. It includes a water and ice dispenser, that includes a filter. It also has a fresh air filter within the fridge. I also love that I can give a little knock on the door and can see what is inside the door with out opening the fridge. It also allows me to open just that portion without opening the door. So I can just grab the ketchup without opening up the whole fridge. The stainless steel looks beautiful in my kitchen and I love the pull out drawer for the freezer. So far this product seems to be top of the line. There is a lot of room in the fridge to allow for lots of storage if needed.
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Sleek, spacious and very innovative!
This smart refrigerator is absolutely amazing! The stainless steel looks really sleek and complements my other appliances. It has storage spaces for everything. I love the double doors with the indoor feature. I am able to keep my drinks stored here without having to open the refrigerator completely. They stay just as cold as if they were inside of the refrigerator. I love how easy it is to access them. Plus being able to tap on the glass three times for it to light up, is really helpful. I can see what products I have without even opening the refrigerator. I love being able to use the app to know what groceries I have and knowing when I need to purchase more. I also really like that I can be sent notifications in case the door is left open. The freezer at the bottom is really roomy. And I am able to store so much more frozen food in here compared to my last refrigerator. I like being able to change the temperature to suit my needs. Also the ice maker makes a great deal of ice quietly.
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So happy with my new refrigerator!
I love my new Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator. The InstaView window is so nice to have, I can just tap on it and it lights up and I can see if I need to stock up on grocery items without opening the door and it saves on losing cold air. I was able to fit two gallons of milk in the door-in-door compartment, several soft drinks, and juice. The refrigerator is very spacious inside with a glide and serve drawer that I can control the temp. The veggie /fruit drawers are very spacious and the shelves are roomy. One half of the middle shelf actually slides back for larger items. I like the Slim SpacePlus ice maker because it's not big a bulky taking up extra space. I like that the ice and water filtration system is all in one and has a lockout feature to keep the kid's from making messes and I can fit my tea pitcher under it. The freezer has nice deep drawers that come out easily for cleaning. I love the Print proof stainless steel. It is a great refrigerator!
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Wonderful fridge
This fridge is huge and beautiful. I love the door in door feature, I keep my daughter's milk in there because I'm constantly getting into the fridge for it and now it's so fast and easy. Everything about this fridge works wonderfully. I have no complaints it's great!
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LG Smart Refrigerator
I absolutely love this refrigerator! It is very spacious. There is so much room in it. I love that I can see through the door when I tap on it and that there is extra storage on the door. The shelf that I can push back is very convenient. Holy moly, the freezer is bigger than I expected! There is a sliding drawer inside the freezer for more storage that is so cool!
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Huge and Sleek!
I used it while I was staying at a friends and I was very impressed. Firstly, the design is so sleek and it looks incredible. Secondly, it has a lot of space and that is always a positive thing. Thirdly, LG means it when they say that its a smart fridge! The technology is impressive and so easy to use! I am tempted to get it! I honestly felt fascinated and I don't impress easily!
I would love to try this beautiful refrigerator. I have read fantastic reviews and can’t wait to receive this fridge.
I would be happier than ever to win a great and superb product like this. My mother and father would love a new refrigerator. Ours is constantly breaking down and it costs a lot of money to fix it. If I win I would thank God in heaven for home testers club. That's a very nice thing to help people out. Thank you
The LG Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView Door-in -Door Refrigerator is definitely one that I would love to receive to review
I would love to try this product, my refrigerator used to stay cold and now it’s impossible to keep anything cold.
I don't try this product. Never received. First time that I knew about this Refrigerator
Yes, I use it often. It's convenient for me to see if I'm out of milk, juice ect.. plus it saves on keeping the temperature cool by not having to open the refrigerator door. It's a very nice feature.
This fridge looks so incredible! I have to get one for my kitchen!
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