5 5 0 22 22 The newly-enhanced EasyRack™ Plus system provides outstanding flexibility and convenience, adjusting to just about any load of dishes to help ensure optimal cleaning performance.
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Fantastic features
Top Control wi-fi Enabled Dishwasher with QuadWasher and TrueSteam is the best dishwasher I have ever owned. It has a sleek appearance and I love that you cannot see the control panel fro the outside. The Truesteam function is awesome and I have never had a dishwasher that cleaned my dishes so well. It is extremely quiet and has so many different options so you can run before bed, with company, before you leave for the day or; surprise; while you are out wit the wifi function from your phone!!!! My last and favorite feature is the third rack for my silverware! I love this machine and I highly recommend it!!
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Very quiet and cleans well!
This WiFi enabled dishwasher with quad-washer and true-steam is the most amazing machines I've ever owned. We've had this dishwasher for a little over a week now. We still regularly forget it's running because of how quiet it is! Love the simplicity of the panel, the number of washing options & definitely love the lighting. We didn't have lighting in our previous dishwasher & I didn't think it was necessary, but it's helpful. The racks are adjustable with adjustable tines top and bottom, top rack can be raised/lowered easily, and the third rack has a section which also can be lowered if needed! We have never been happier!! Each product displays an elite level of quality and craftsmanship that will not go unnoticed. I highly recommend LG and will continue to use their products for years to come.
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Leaves dishes spotless!
This dishwasher looks amazing in my kitchen! I love the sleek, modern look of it. I love the fact the dishwasher has 3 racks. I use the top rack for silverware and small items. This dishwasher cleans my dishes amazingly well. I was shocked at how clean they came out. Its a big dishwasher with lots of room. Its also very quiet. Having a light inside of it is a huge plus. This is the best dishwasher I have ever owned!
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Simply amazing machinery!!!
This wifi enabled dishwasher with quadwasher and truesteam is the most amazing machines I've ever owned. High quality, no prewashing involved. Super quiet in every cycle. Everything is sparkling clean when finished and no towel dry is necessary at all. LG this is your best product by far. It's worth every cent. It makes this disabled man very happy. God bless.
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Great product
I have used the Top Control-wifi enable dishwasher with quadwasher and truestream. It removes stuck on food with its powerful high pressure spray jets. It quietly cleans my dishes.The hotsteam helps complete the job. It has many great function my favorite is wifi being able to clean while away from the house using my phone easy breezy and so convenient. I love all LG products they are very dependable and has updated technology.
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Love to Try This Washer Out
Our washer quit working because of the flood we had in our town. We are still looking for a new washer to wash our clothes.
LG makes great products , my mother purchased this LG dishwasher and its got great storage for dishes and looks super moderen on the inside .
Great product
It cleans dishes very well and is easy to use. A high quality appliance for sure
Top of the line!
Although I have only had this a few weeks, I can tell you that this dishwasher is awesome!! Super quiet, very efficient, cleans well. I like the Truesteam for baby stuff, pacifiers, bottles, nipples, ect. It is nice to start the dishwasher from my app.
OF Dishwasher
I am a fan of LG products because of their durability and modern look as well as their efficiency and I had a LG Refrigerator and Stove i decided to buy an LG Dishwasher and was not disappointed. It is very good at washing my pots, pans, dishes and silverware and the wi fi feature is loved by my kids
This dishwashers looks amazing, the functions look easy and having a new dishwasher would be great since mine is broken.
I’ve never used this product but I’d love to have a dish washer period.
The LG Top Control wi-fi Enabled Dishwasher with QuadWasher and TrueSteam is a dishwasher I would love to review. It would match the rest of my kitchen appliances.Plus, the one I have now has not been working .
I would also like to try this product because we have trouble doing dishes. We would appreciate if you could try delivering it please and thank you.
I have an older LG Dishwasher and really would love to try this new one -- the reason is the 3rd drawer on top for all the extra utensils that can go in the dishwasher but will not fit in mine. Please let me test this one, please, please, please

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