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LG Ultra Large Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer
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Great Washer!
Cleans my clothes great! It is very quiet too and it fits a ton of clothes. I love knowing when my wash is done without having to go check it on all the time!
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I am very happy with this washer. It is HUGE. I can fit so much inside, even king size comforters. It has a ton of wash settings and they are all customizable. It also has a pre-wash cycle and dispenser, which my old washer did not. I feel like my clothes are cleaner and smell better in this machine. My towels come out smelling so fresh. It also has a sanitize cycle for extra dirty items. It is quiet and works great. I also like the smart features. I can ask Alexa how long is left in the cycle and I get a notification when my clothes are done washing. It also reminds me when to clean it. Overall I am impressed and I really, really like this washer!
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Excellent product
The Wi-Fi enabled front load washer was very easy to setup and use. We use start the machine even from a different room. The washer was huge and could fit in two sleeping bags easily. The noise level was minimum and they were very clean after washing.
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WM3700HWA LG Large Smart-Wifi Washer
The washer was delivered to my home & I was so excited to have it hooked up & try it out! The machine was delivered & packaged nicely & in mint condition! The machine came with hoses to install for the hot & cold & it took us about 15 minutes total to install it & have it up & running! I love the the look to it so nice! The machine has a 4.5 cuft. capacity & it's super nice because I can do a large load no problem for my family! I love the stainless steel drum and it is easy to load the clothes in it. The fabric softener & soap has a nice drawer in the upper top left side that slides open easily to put the doses in for each load. There is a lot of settings too for towels, whites, etc. I love the computerized panel & it tells me how long each load is before it is done. When a load is finished too, there is a nice little song it plays so I know the load is done. I also have Alexa & can use this functionality for starting a load. I love the quality on this machine & would recommend it!
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Washer Heaven !
Ii have used this washing machine for about 10 days now and I absolutely love it. There are so many different features which helps when needed, like I love the bedding feature it makes cleaning them so much easier. I use the SmartThin Q on my phone to remotely wash my clothes while I am busy with other things, just hit a button on my phone and done. The steam feature works wonders on curtains that are wrinkled and need a freshen up. I highly recommend this machine to anyone who wants a great washer and a time saver.
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In love with my new washing machine!
I received the LG Ultra Large Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer to test on Friday. My washing machine actually stopped working last week so I had quite a bit of laundry to do so I tested it out right away! This one is smaller than my previous washing machine, so I wish it was larger. I love all of the different settings and I love the cute tone to let you know when it is finished! I love that it has a smaller footprint that my previous washing machine. I love that since it is a front loading machine, it is flat on top and if I get a matching dryer I will be able to put a folding table on top! I really love everything about this except that I wish it was larger in size! Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is greatly appreciated!!
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LG washer is great!
The LG ultra large smart wi-fi enabled front load washer is awesome! My clothes came out so clean and fresh smelling and I love that I can control it using my smartphone. I like the different functions that I can use depending on what I am washing and I love the quick wash feature, I can wash a small load when I am in a hurry. This washer has all the bells and whistles, and it looks so good in my laundry room!
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Fresh and Clean
Wow!!!... is my first word describing the LG Ultra Large Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer...i thought my old washer left my clothes clean but apparently there was a big difference...the LG Ultra Large Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer left my clothes beautiful...smelling so fresh and so soft...this machine is so easy to use and being wi-fi enabled is so awesome...i spend a lot of time outside so being able to run my machine from my smartphone is a big plus...it's pretty quiet...has lot's of feature's and is user friendly. Great job LG!!
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Does what it needs to do
I love my new washing machine. It is so quiet and does the job. There isn't a lot of shaking like the old machine I had. I love the clean look of a white appliance. Very pleased.
Wonderful product!
I have been using this washing machine a couple of months ago and it works fantastic. I totally recommend this product to everyone.
Great less work more clean then others brand washer
I absolutely love our smart wifi-enabled washer! Whoever came out with this is a genius and deserves a million dollars!! It's a space saver and is also affordable. I would definitely recommend to a friend.
LG WiFi enabled front load washer
We bought this washer on a whim because we were unhappy with our old one. First, I must say the we had a top load with no agitator. It left clothes, stinky, dirty, and stained, or should I say anything that was on them would still look the same when they came out. I am completely obsessed with the new LG WiFi enabled front load washer. My clothes smell and look amazing! I still smell them everytime they come out. There's no more scrubbing stains with toothbrushes or worrying that I still smell like sweat when i put on clean clothes. I would recommend this washer to anyone and everyone!
LG Ultra Large Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer
This unit has many features that you will use. You can control the heat of the wash water. It has a sanitize and steam cleaning feature. Both work really good and the steam cleaning feature will really clean your clothes. The steam feather will kill any bacteria / germs that may be living on your clothes. There are 4 settings for the spin cycle. When we used the ultra spin (1,100 RPM'S) we noticed the clothes came out almost dry. This unit has a direct drive. Kind of like the drive shaft on your car. Belts will stretch and break. The direct drive has a 10 year warrantee. It comes with an owner's manual and a special tool to level the machine. When you get it perfect, you will need to get up close to see if it is running (YES it is that quiet). If you look at the machine, look at the lower left side. You will see a door. This is where you can clean the filter. Really did my homework before I bought this one. I'm glad I did. Good machine for the money.
Where has this been all my life!
My old washer was a top loader. I always feared I was going to fall in. This front loader uses smart technology, with my phone I can turn it off, or start it. Tumble clothes so the wrinkles are gone

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