3.7 5 0 46 46 Repels head lice. With natural essential oils; gentle for daily use; tangle-free formula.
Lice Shield Lice Repellent Shampoo & Conditioner
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This works! It's expensive, but worth it. I work at a school and tell all the parents about it.
Mi hija lo uso por un tiempo es bueno aunque su olor es un poco fuerte . Pero funciona
While this does work, I feel as if the price of the product is quite pricey than others that are very similar,
The scent is very strong, I mix it in with a little bit of another shampoo. So far, NO lice!!!!
Used this for my kids and the smell is horrible. All it did was make their hair greasy. I would not buy again. Coconut oil works better to repel lice.
I used this product on my kids, and it worked amazing. Keeps the lice away.
I have used this and many other products during the epic lice battle of school age children and this one is as good as more expensive ones for less cost
Great repellant of lice for my daughter. But she hated the smell of it so much, haha. But this is much cheaper than the other repellants in the store, that's great.
Lice Shield works great. Smells nice. Easy fpr my kids to use. But i have five kids which means lots of heada to wash. I wish it came in a bigger bottle. Price is okay but all lice product s are high. I only buy this when there is out break of lice at school to be safe .
I used this when my daughter got lice from school, it worked pretty good and it smells better then the treatments do.
My nefue got this problem at school and it was a bit pricy but it worked no bad smell doing use good product for a big problem awsome
My granddaughter uses this shampoo weekly. The schools have such a problem with lice yearly she uses as a preventive measure. Works great, no lice !
I work in daycares and private schools since using this I have had no creepy crawly issues. I recommend to friends and family.
Life saver when school season starts.Smells ok a little strong tho.
Used this on my son while he was in kindergarten and first grade didn't ever come home with lice so it had to of repelled

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