3.8 5 0 90 90 Repels head lice. With natural essential oils; gentle for daily use; tangle-free formula.
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This is a great product but it smells like citus oil candles for mosquitos it does do what its suppost to plus keeps hair silky smooth and tangle free and other bugs stay away as well but as i said the smell is very very very strong but worth it i use it just before i go out in to the woods and mosquitos and other bugs stay away that's a big reason i use it cause i dont get head lice just mosquitos and if you dont like the strong smell of a mosquito candle you wont like this it 20 times stronger hope this helped i love the product.
My daughter kept catching lice from kids on the bus. It took me months to get rid of the lice with other products but to help prevent this TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE again, I paid top dollar for Lice Shield. One week later she had lice again!
i love this product, it also repels mosquitoes,gnats and other flying little bugs along with repelling lice
Great way to help kids with lice .. and to not get it again
I couldnt use it for long we did not like the smell of it
This shampoo works great on preventing lice. I've used it on my children after they have had lice after treating their heads and they use it daily. Since using it they haven't had another outbreak. I definitely recommend other parents to use it this.
good effective no harmful effects east to use and actually repels lice plus tangle free formula works but price is too high compared to other similar products
Used this product and my two girls still got lice from school. Ended up using a product from the salon in Wal-Mart and it worked to remove them and haven't had them since.
Safe to use on your child's hair--won't destroy it and take away the natural beauty of the hair. Works well at repelling head lice.
Great product gives me a sense of security and smells great too
With my boys in daycare House this on them everyday at bsthtim.It is great to prevent lice.
Great way to prevent lice from coming back good to use on a regular basis.
My grandchildren perfered this to others we have tried.
This is fantastic to try on my daughter. Cant wait to be chose and try.
Would love to try this. Lice is going around bad this year with camp.

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