3.8 5 0 90 90 Repels head lice. With natural essential oils; gentle for daily use; tangle-free formula.
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i have not tried this but if i could get a sample or my hands on a bottle i would pay top dollar for it if it works .as it would be worth it to keep lice away. as it is a nightmare to get rid of let alone the time and money spent on trying to get rid of it once u get it
i haven't tried this but with children in school now we need to try it.
Quiero probar este champoo para mi hija creo que es nuevo y le ayudaría mucho ella tiene pelo largo
I would love to have this in my home for my grandchildren I have not tried this before would like to have
I'd really would love to try this product please and thank u
I wish to try this new product. I believe that essential oil is the best treatment for our hair.
This would be great to have on hand for those just in case movements. Brilliant!!
I have not tried this. I would like a sample to try on my granddaughter.
I would love to try this product especially because I work in a public school and we all know the school setting is the perfect place for the breeding of lice in children and it can spread very quickly, from child to child. I would be willing to pass this product on to parents as a solution and treatment to solving head lice.
I have not tried this, but would LOVE to. I have grandkids in school and this would be perfect
Would like to try this product and have some mommies in mind to recommend it to.
I hope I never require the need for this product ,but is so ,so be it.
never have anying but would like some just in cause been clean please send some
Tengo dos ni;as de ecuela y el peligro de contagio es eminente, me encantaria usar este producto
Would like to give this to my Daughter n law for her twin girls. They just started school this year and I am already thinking of lice . This looks like it would be the answer to a lot of worried Moms, especially if their girls have long hair.

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