Lipstick Queen Lipstick, Frog Prince

4.4 5 0 129 129 Get heads turning with Frog Prince, a remarkable emerald green lipstick that transforms into magical rosebud upon contact with the lips.
Lipstick Queen Lipstick, Frog Prince


Super fun!
This product is very fun. I have the small size and its perfect to keep in my purse all the time. The color turns out to be a nice pinky/red but is not that strong. It has the texture of a balm, which is nice and smooth. Doesnt last after eating so I wouldnt reccomend it for strong color lasting
Love this product!
Super fun lipstick! It is a great ph chnaging one I love i. the reason I took down one star is that it is a little pricey but other than that i really love this and think its a fun idea
looks green, but it's pink!
This formula is pretty cool - the tube looks green, but applies as a nice pink color when used. The formula overall isn't drying, but I do find that it works best for me when I add a hydrating gloss on top.
It always looks good!
I love that the lipstick is green, but goes on pink. And not just pink, a custom pink that is that color bc of your ph level! It’s like science on your lips! Everyone whose tried it ends up looking great, not once has it looked ridiculous or was to much it’s always the perfect shade of pink: I honestly think it’s worth buying solely to see what color it’ll be on you. It’s a great lipstick, lasts longer than I ever imagined and is moisturizing.
This is one of my favorite lip products because it’s green but turns a pink shade that is custom based on your PH levels. I love the idea behind this and I really love the subtle pink color it gives onto my lips. It gives me that “Just ate a popsicle” look!
I use several lip stick queen lipsticks and they're all great. They come in so many colors and each one is really cute on. I love this formula as is and wouldn't change it.i would recommend
So cool!
I love this lipstick, it’s so much fun to use. It looks green but goes on pink because of your ph level. It looks different on everyone, and somehow manages to be the perfect shade!
Don’t judge by appearance
I must say I had received this product in one of my monthly makeup subscription boxes and threw it in one of my overstock inventory containers where it sat for several months because I honestly quickly made a wrong opinion on it based off the green shade not knowing it changes shades with your ph level. The nice pink shade it changed to on my lips was beautiful and made me upset that I had not been using it the entire time and instead just let it sit in storage waiting to gift it to an unassuming person. Very nice product.
Great lipstick
It's a great product. It actually changed to a color because of my Ph balance. I like that it went from green to a pink. At first I was kind of skeptical that I wouldn't see a difference from my normal lip color.
Burt's bees
I love Burt's bee's products they are awsome. This product feels so good on your lips it automatically makes lips feel hydrated, and it last. The color is beautiful.
Like it!!!
I had gotten this lipstick because of the funny green color. However, I ended up liking the pink shade on my lips. I like the light weight feeling on my lips. I would recommend this product!!
Love it
This lipstick is so much fun. The product itself is nice and the color is super pretty for a natural look. I definitely recommend it.
Had to have
I had to have this lipstick. I seen all the hype about it on Facebook. It took awhile to get since it was always sold out. So I tried it and really liked it. It changes to soft pink. I say try it.
Color changing fun
I like the playfulness of this lip stick, it's pretty fun to go from green to a pretty pink color once applied. The formula is so light, you barely notice you're wearing it. It's not heavy or greasy feeling like some lip sticks. It almost feels like a lip balm. Because it color changes though, it's easy to over due it with color and end up with a more hot pink shade.
I am not a big fan I guess I am not hip enough my daughter however does love this lip stick and wears it often :) so it takes my money

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