4.4 5 0 82 82 Get heads turning with Frog Prince, a remarkable emerald green lipstick that transforms into magical rosebud upon contact with the lips.
Lipstick Queen Lipstick, Frog Prince
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So so cool!
I really have enjoyed this product! It’s just feels so good on my lips. I have tried a couple of other products from the line and they are all equally great!
This lipstick is so fun and gimmicky. It looks scary at first but goes on and adjusts to your lips leaving them a cute color!
It is a great lipstick
Really neat how it changes colors, however, sometimes and can be a super bright pink which is not for me, but it is fun to wear for special occasions. This brand has always been a luxury brand so it was nice to try this out and give it a whirl. I would buy again if they offered different shades.
Really unique
It’s a fun product, gave it to my mom cause the color it turns to is a little off for me, but SHE loved it!
Tried to Prank my mother!
Gave this as a gift to my mother. She thought it was green lipstick! But when she tried it on the color was a perfect pinkish red. Looked amazing on her. Love how the product changes color. Very fun!! I also got her the blush that matches. So fun!
I Kissed A Prince and I Liked It
I have about a dozen or so Lipstick Queen lipsticks. They are so moisturizing, have pigmented color, and have decent staying power. The Frog Prince lipstick is so pretty and fun. I discovered it a year ago and on my second tube. The green mixes with your ph balance to make a beautiful pink lipstick. Not too bright or dull...the perfect shade. The girls love to put it on as well. They feel like princesses. Totally recommend.
i like it
i love the color changing to my skin tone. i love that it changes and everyone has a different shade. i have this and the blush. both are my faves
Fun Product
It’s a fun lipstick, especially because you see the colors changes.
Perfectly Pink
This lipstick is super light weight, you can build the color up slightly by layering on several coats but it isn't a dramatically dark color. All in all its more of a kitschy product than anything. Something my 11 year old girls would love.
Perfect natural look!
I LOVE this product. It has adorable packaging and it gives a very natural rosy gloss to my lips. I love that it isn't really heavy and uncomfortable like some lipsticks plus it gives an easy and even application.
A cool concept
When I first saw these I thought they would be perfect for my huge makeup collection, including my huge lippie & chap collection too! I've seen other lipstick/products like this before that change colors according to your pH levels & turns the perfect color just for you! This was ok! Nothing super revolutionary with this product & I've even found the perfect dupe for these that cost way less & offer different colors! All-in-all it was an ok product but honestly I would never purchase this particular product again! But I STILL love the concept of it being/changing different colors for each person depending upon their pH levels! Just wasn't something I needed to have!
Loving this!
Surprisingly I really enjoyed this product at first I was really scared even think about putting it on my lips but I gave into it and I'm glad I did it's very moisturizing and even after it dries out still makes my lips feel so soft
Frog Prince
Feels nice and moisturizing and I love the perfect shade of pink that it turns my lips but I actually prefer Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor shade over this one. I lean towards more berry toned colors for my lips. Overall Frog Prince is fun and you can intensify the color by applying more product to get brighter pink lips.
Fun to use
Have used Frog Prince as it was given to me as a gift because my friend knew I have used color hanging lipsticks for over 20 years.Although I like this product what I have been using Mood Marchers is just as good and available in many colors at far better price.
Fun lipstick, but so gimmicky
I purchased this lipstick as a gift for my niece. She enjoyed the color change, but I'm not sure that she will continue to use it.

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