4.6 5 0 151 151 Rich Black Tea blended with other natural flavors.
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Nice Cuppa
These K Cups are perfect first thing in the morning when you wake up and just want a good cup of tea.
Tea meets K-cup Convenience
Delicious Lipton Indulge Rich Black Tea K-Cups, so simple, so fast in the Keurig machine. Delicious flavor!
Lipton Indulge rich black tea makes the perfect cup of rich, smoothe tea. The best part about these are their K-cups! I drink black tea as part of my daily diet! Has a nice rich taste with natural ingredients!
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This variety of tea in K-cups can be hard to find in a store, especially in winter. This was reasonably priced. They came in cardboard boxes rather than a Lipton branded box. But that doesn't matter. It is genuine Lipton and produces good, lemon tea. Although it says "Lemonade" Iced Tea, it is actually lemon flavored tea. I really like real lemons in my iced tea, and this provides an easy alternative, especially when I don't have any lemons. I've used them for quite awhile. This was a good buy.
I love Lipton k-cups! I especially love the rich black tea because you can make it either hot or cold (it's strong enough of a flavor). On a nice summer day, just fill your glass up with ice and have a nice refreshing iced tea! Perfect
so love these easy to use in your krooger machine such a good invention fresh brewed lipton tea lipton has been in my family for ever
I adore Lipton tea. These K-cups make enjoying it so easy. You get a perfect cup every time
Quick for the perfect cup of tea! I use this at work more than home, but it's a perfect brew every time.
I am a big tea drinker , and was soooo pleased when I found the Lipton k-cups Black Tea when shopping I could take the coffee maker back out, taste wonderful, so easy, and steeped just right if you let sit a few when done brewing. Very convenient, can make a ice tea at work or home very easily. Fresh each time!
This tea is good, but has a ton of caffeine in it, kept me awake most of the night
I'm a fan of tea, and I love Lipton's! This black tea with a little lemon is the glory. recommended
I love this tea it gives me a good morning! It has just enough caffeine to get through the day and isn't harsh on my belly. I love it! It has great flavors.
I like this product and have used on my hotel room to make ice tea.
If you like milk or lemon in your tea but not in a flavored tea, this is the one for you. Rich, smooth taste of tea only.

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