LISTERINE® Ready! Tabs® Soft Mint

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LISTERINE® Ready! Tabs® Soft Mint


Less flavorful/intense, but not bad
I recently tried the new Listerine Ready tabs, in the Soft Mint flavor, and while they worked as expected, I was unimpressed in comparison to the original Listerine Ready Tabs. Upon initial testing, I noticed a mostly less intense flavor, which gave me the impression that it was not as effective as the original. Nonetheless, it did work well, but the difference between the two products are definitely noticeable; the amount per pack (4) in comparison to the original's 8, also contributes to my preference of the original over the less intense, lower quantity Soft Mint; however I do believe that this product may be beneficial to those who may be sensitive to the strong flavor of the original, although I still prefer the original myself. Overall, I wouldn't purchase it over the original, but I would recommend it to those who may want to try a new, less intense way of freshening their breath on the go in comparison to using liquid mouthwash.
Minty yet odd
Nice clean minty taste but swallowing what I rinse is gross and too messy to spit out.
Maybe not for me but great on the go!
Ok, what do you think of these listerine ready! tabs? Have you tried them? You chew, swish, & swallow your mouthwash! I don’t know about you but I grew up being told not to swallow mouthwash or toothpaste so the thought of doing it now kinda makes me cringe. Well, I tried it, but probably only once because I really don’t know if it’s that great for you other than giving you fresh breath. I don’t think it was as strong as a typical mouthwash is but it was hard for me to tell myself to swish and swallow Listerine. Please tell me I’m not the only one?! I do still have nice fresh breath about 30 minutes after doing this however.
Fresh deep breath
A great way to a fresh breath, especially on the go when traveling as well as after coffee or food. Dissolved from a solid to a liquid which was a little strange experience at first but easy to get used to. Love much better than the mints I used to use and lasts much longer. Would highly recommend!
Long lasting fresh breath
Listerine Ready Tabs have a great taste and they made my breath instantly fresh. I felt like this lasted for hours. I would definitely recommend.
Good idea but lacks a little
Its a good idea but I was hoping for more of a feeling after I use Listerine mouthwash.
LISTERINE Ready Tabs Soft Mint
I received a sample of listerine Ready Tabs Soft Mint through the HomeTester Club and I love them. These were a great fast way to freshen my breath. They are perfect size for my purse. would recommend them to everyone
Very good
Very useful product helps to freshen breath. Packaging is convenient
Simple and easy
The ready tabs are a simple and pocketable product that is great and quick way to freshen your breath for those times when needed. It has a great taste and can carry in your pocket.
Easy to use/Travel friendly
Easy to use when traveling since it gets thru security/TSA easily and more importantly, works as well as the liquid
Always keep these on hand!
I received a sample of LISTERINE Ready Tabs Soft Mint through the HomeTester Club Community and I am definitely hooked. Throughout the day, I find myself caught up in so many meetings and not good about drinking water, that I get dry mouth. These are a great and fast way to freshen breath and fight the dry mouth taste. Plus, they help correct the coffee breath of the morning and I find that I am more confident interacting with coworkers without worrying about offending them with bad breath. Would recommend trying these. I won’t go without them now!
So fresh and clean
I really liked these. They work better than gum. It's nice to get a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth... Especially after lunch when you are trapped at your desk
Fresh mouth
Great tasting product is for people like me and makes my mouth taste fresh
Definitely refreshing and mouth feels fresh. However, the mint is too strong when you take the first bite.
Too gritty & minty
I was not expecting the mint to be so gritty. The mint taste was also too strong for me personally.

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