4.5 5 0 309 309 Get 24-hour relief from painful tooth sensitivity with continued use of Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol Mouthrinse.
LISTERINE® Sensitivity Alcohol-Free Mouthwash
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Not a fan of zero alcahol
I think some ppl will like this especially if you don't like the burn of mouthwash. I Did not like it. I love the feeling of the alcohol.
Super bueno
Yo lo uso y me encanta Me quedan mis dientes muy limpios
Listerine Sensitivity
This product is decent. One thing I will say is that it has a decent flavor. The reason I only gave it 3 stars is because I don't feel like it cleans my mouth as well as the regular product. I also didn't notice a difference with my teeth's sensitivity.
Te quita la sensibilidad
Lo uso ya have meses y me a ido muy bien con la censacion de sensibilidad en los dientes ya no m ciento mal al tomar frio o caliente
Does what it says
I've been using this product for the last month and based on what it says for sensitivity it actually does a decent job. I thought it would have a different flavor than the other Listerine products but this one has a slight aftertaste but it is a mouthwash where you just switch so for this being a sensitivity mouthwash it is okay
Great for tooth pain
This product Is great, it helped ease my tooth pain before I was able to get a broken tooth fixed at the dentist. I loved it!
Listerine Sensitive Zero Alcohol
This is a great product! We like Listerine, but it can leave a burning sensation in your mouth. The Listerine Sensitive Zero Alcohol doesn't burn at all. Will have to buy some more
It didn't hurt my sensitive teeth, having fresh breath for awhile was good. I was actually suprised at how well it worked with no alcohol. I would recommend to someone with sensitivity.
No unnecessary dyes when trying to simply clean your mouth!
I always wonder why there are all of the extra unneeded ingredients and bright colors(a.k.a. Dyes) added into a product meant to clean your mouth. How are you supposed to feel like your teeth are completely clean,when your swishing a mouthwash that contains bright colored dyes around where your pearly whites reside? That’s why this Listerine formula appeals to me- I am trying to purchase products from brands that are only utilizing minimal or no unnecessary ingredients, especially ingredients that have the opposite effect desired by the consumer. I really like this zero-alcohol formula- as alcohol is really damaging to the enamel on the surface of your teeth and even worse for those with already compromised enamel-like myself. So no alcohol is very important, but a lot of times the alcohol in mouthwash is what leaves your mouth feeling bacteria free and fresh. after using my mouth felt clean, without feeling like I’m wearing away precious enamel needed to protect my teeth
Burns worse then Regular Listerine!
I bought this listerine for the fact my teeth have been have been getting sensitive lately, so when I tried this product it burned my mouth so bad! I dont know why, and the taste is off as well, I wont buy it again..
Oral greatness!!!
My husband and I have enjoyed using listerine products for years because it always leaves your mouth feeling fresh. And now with them having products for teeth sensitivity which we both suffer from have been a savior for us. We would definitely recommend to others
It's okay
I usually think the alcohol in listerine is too strong but this one made me actually miss the alcohol in it. This one is okay but I wouldn't rush to buy it again. I would reccomend it for anybody who just cannot tolerate the alcohol.
Not a fan
I didn't like the flavor of this or the feeling of my mouth after. I prefer alcohol listerine.
Works Great...
I use this all the time. Always had sensitive teeth and I can tell a difference if I do not use it for a few days..
Best protection
If you suffer from sensitive teeth this is a must try mouthwash. Listerine sensitivity does not have the burning feeling also it adds that extra protection if you are dealing with sensitive teeth issues.

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