4.5 5 0 490 490 Get 24-hour relief from painful tooth sensitivity with continued use of Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol Mouthrinse.
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Good if you don't like the burn
This product is a great option for people that do not like the burn of the regular mouth wash. There s literally no burn with this one and doesn't make your eyes water.
Clean without the burn!
This non alcohol mouthwash is awesome for those who have a sensitive mouth. There’s no burn but you still get the clean that listerine is known for! I love the listerine products!
Ive always used Listerine, when Listerine Sensitivity came out I had to try it. Best Listerine ever.
Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash- Alcohol Free
I really like this product very much. The regular Listerine Mouthwash would burn my mouth, so I would have to water it down. I like that this is Alcohol Free. It makes your mouth feel very clean. I have very bad teeth due to taking several medications and not having dental insurance, and this is Awesome for people that have bad teeth. I would recommend it.
My dentist gave me a sample to try. It has a nice flavor and doesn’t burn because it’s zero alcohol. I use sensitivity toothpaste so not sure if this added any extra sensitivity protection.
great stuff
this is so minty and fresh but has no burn by far the best product that Listerine makes, i will buy this in bulk if i could i enjoy knowing i can have fresh breath and no bad taste in my mouth as i take medications that make me have bad breath, this however makes it all nice and minty but no burning or irritating issues
Not sure if it works or not
The Listerine Sensitive mouthwash works like Listerine and does keep my mouth feeling clean and fresh. I didn't notice a big difference in my teeth being less sensitive though. Maybe with regular continuous use, it would help but just using one bottle I didn't seem to notice a big difference.
Fresh breath
I have used listerine mouthwash for years but I tried the listerine sensitivity mouthwash a while back and it worked wonders. It help take my sensitive teeth not so sensitive. And it left my mouth fresh for hours.
Effective but mild
No alcohol so you don't get the burning feeling listerine is known for. But you still get the clean feeling, would recommend to other adults who need something a bit milder than normal
Perfect for a sensitive mouth
I have very sensitive teeth this contains no alcohol so you dont get the burning sensation.
I couldnt get passed the taste of it to see if it worked. I hate the sweet mint taste i couldnt hardly swish it. I need that wintermint burn. They didnt feel clean afterwards.
GREAT for dry mouths
I take alot of medications that are dehydrating. Leaving my mouth very sensitive. This is the first non-expensive, mouth wash that didn't leave my mouth burning. And had a fresh taste. Love it!
Listerine Sensitivity Zero alcohol works great! No more worrying about the pain when drinking cold beverages ,eating ice cream or just brushing your teeth.My tooth sensitivity was gone for 24 hours. I would recommend this to friends and family who have tooth sensitivity because this WORKS!
Works well for me
I don't usually use this, but it had no alcohol so I figured it'd be best for my family to use. I've used it for well over a few months and so has my family. No issues, it does clean better than we were used to. It helped my daughter after losing a few teeth, she's young and was still learning properly. Leaves a refreshing feeling and no worries about painful cold or hotness, it helped my sensitive teeth too.
Sensitivity is gone!
I tried this product after getting very sensitive teeth and to my surprise this works great and better than the sensitivity toothpastes. Just swish it for a minute and pain is gone so fast! I have been using it everyday and so far so good, I can finally eat again.

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