Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil

4.7 5 0 167 167 No Frizz Vanishing Oil is powered by Living Proof''s patented Healthy Hair Molecule and a lightweight 5-oil blend that mimics the oils found in naturally healthy hair. Together, they weightlessly block humidity, hydrate and smooth dry hair - without the silicones that leave it greasy.
Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil


Best brand for hairs
I have tried many Living proof products. This one vanishing oil from Living proof is best one for dry frizzy hairs. After hair wash I use it almost everyday. Would highly recommend it.
Smooth hair
I love this brand, applying this made my hair less frizzy and looks nice.
I don't get all the glowing reviews
I don't tend to love Living Proof for some reason, although I don't mind the PHD "Perfect Hair Day" line. It just doesn't do much for my waist length hair (which is very fine, but I have tons and tons of it, for the record). My hair is already fairly smooth, but since it's fine, it bends and tangles easily, so I need a hair serum that helps it drape correctly. This just doesn't give me the results I want. It doesn't really do much of anything, to be honest.....If you are dead set on this type of thing, maybe try the Verb Ghost Oil, which is half the price and seems to work better.
I love this frizz oil from living proof! Living proof is one of my favorite brands. This products works so well for my hair. Depending on the weather and how I style my hair, it can have mild to moderate frizz. This oil helps eliminate any traces of frizz and helps my style last longer, as well.
One of my faves
I love living proof!! So I knew this was a must have for my curly hair! I love this oil, it's not heavy and it doesn't leave my hair oily like a lot of oils I have tried! I will buy this over and over! Fights frizz like no other!
Love love love
Absolutely love this product! It smells so great and always leaves your hair feeling amazing after using too , it always styles exaclty how i want it too, will definitely purchase again and recommend to everyone i speak to!
Frizz be gone
I absolutely love the smell of this product, I have very thin fine hair so it weighed my hair down and made it look greasy. But I'm sure it would work on thicker hair. I wouldn't recommend for fine thin hair.
My hair is naturally very dry and fine so this product unfortunately was a little heavy for me. It made my hair a little oily and weighed down, this would be great for someone with thicker or coarse hair
Vaishing oil
I liked how this product specify the support for my skin. My scalp is constantly dried out so it is important that I keep moisturize to also help my hair folicles as well. Vanishing oil
Really Helps!!!
As someone with wavy-curly hair my hair tends to be on the Frizzy side. I found this product and just by the name and brand I was intrigued. I bought it and I am so glad it did. It nourishes my dry hair and helps tame everyday frizz. Not only is it helpful but the packaging is GORGEOUS!
Great product!
I have very thick, wavy hair and live in Florida so I’m always dealing with humidity and of course get lots of frizz! This product has really turned my hair game around! It’s a great product for those needing smooth less frizzy hair!
Great product! Kills the frizz, doesn't leave your oily. A little goes a long way!
Great finishing product for frizzy hair.
My favorite living proof product. It smells great. I love this product where I use it after styling to smooth everything. It makes my hair so touchable and kills frizz.
Little greasy takes time to get used to it
I’m a huge fan of living proof I use a bunch of their products so when they came out with this I decided to get it for my dryer hair in the winter. I like the product the smell could use a little work I feel like if it stays in your hair and you don’t plan to rinse it out within a couple of days even less than normal. Definitely only focuses on just your ends because this will make your hair greasy I know it says that it’s like a dry oil but it’s still in oil. It does tend to make your hair a little bit greasy if you put it towards the roots so I would use it as like a pre-blow dry or like a styling thing at the end just to kind and keep flyaways down and to smooth everything out really nice product though
Works on my bleached hair!
It absorbs really fast and smoothens out the ends of my hair. No Frizz Vanishing Oil mimics the naturals oils in our hair, is silicone-free, safe for colored and chemically treated hair. Works on my bleached hair pretty well. Although it is possible to apply the product to dry or wet hair, I strongly recommend that the product be applied to damp hair that has been washed.

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