4.7 5 0 47 47 Open your eyes to Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara from L'Oreal Paris and experience instant eye-opening volume plus elongated lashes. Bambi Mascara's Wide-Eyed Brush fits eye shape to coat every lash, with a mix of long and short bristles for lash by lash separation and definition. Its black velvety waterproof formula goes on easily and evenly for smooth, elongated lashes.
L'Oréal Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara Blackest Black
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I was a little spectacle of this product in the beginning but it really suprized me I really liked this waterproof mascara. It made my lashes so long and so beautiful. The only downside was the clumps there were a little bit of clumps but I still recommend.
Love it
First of all can we see how cute and clever the name is I love this mascara because it lengthens My lashes and makes them look fuller and separates my lashes I hate when Mascaras make your eyelashes stick together
Bambi mascara
This is my new favorite mascara to grab. The price is good for it and I personally think it’s better than expensive brands. My eyelashes looked like I had fake one on
Good but not my favorite
It is a good product; however, you HAVE TO TAKE YOUR TIME applying it. It tends to smudge because it dries more slowly than many other mascaras. With this being waterproof, if you smudge it... you are going to have a heck of a time removing it. It does take two coats to see some “boom”.
Great look!
This mascara is one of the best because it can be used for both a natural look or a glam look and still get the job done. I wish this mascara was a little less clumpy but other than that it’s great!
works well
bought this for my daughter and she loves it, uses it alot
Waterproof Mascara
I love this product. Makes your lashes look fuller, goes on smooth and has wonderful overall look. Won't come off if you accidentally rub your eyes.
Really good mascara
This is a great mascara that is waterproof. It defines and lengthens lashes. It does not stick eyelashes together when applied and makes them fluffy. Mascara stays all day long and it also does not fall off easily when applied or when rubbing eye. I would definitely recommend this mascara to my friends.
it is simply magnificent! So expressive and steady! I am happy to recommend. long keeps.
Great separation and length
This is one of my new go to mascaras. I love the separation and length that my eyelashes have. Having it waterproof is just the icing on the cake.
The Best
very good ,it made my almost invisible lashes stand out even when i wore my glasses and that's saying some thing for this kindof product .I have tried them all none worked but this one .thanks you so much.
Full Lashes
I love that this makes my lashes look full and stick out. It was easy to apply and stayed on for hours without smudging or running.
This is such a great waterproof mascara!!!!! so many I have tried in the past are difficult to remove, but this one is not. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to a friend. it's available just about anywhere, and come to the very affordable price.
Really does give the "doe eye" effect!
I received this product from viewpoints in exchange for my honest review** I am so surprised by Loreal's amazing mascaras they have come out with lately! L'oreal definitely is my top drugstore brand for mascaras and the Bambi Eye Mascara didn't disappoint. I love the thick wand and how easily it adds colume and length to my lashes, giving me a false lash effect without the falsies. Great price, non-clumping, and it is truly blackest black(my favorite kind of mascara)!
The best for volume
I found this mascara to so far be the absolute best at providing nice long and plump lashes without clumping and having to use a ton of product. The black color is nice and dark and the bristles on the applicator are great at getting into the corners to coat each lash. Having almond shaped eyes, I thought by looking at it that it wouldn't get them all but it did. My lashes looled voluptuous and lasted all day long.

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