3.5 5 0 57 57 Tinted self tanning lotion. Streak free, quick dry, and won't rub off. Deep natural tan.
L'Oreal Body Expertise Sublime Bronze
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Not thrilled.
L'oreal is a good brand but i was not thrilled with this particular tanning product. It was darker thsn usual tanners and left lots of streaks on me so i probably wpuld not recommend this to a friend.
Was a good experience
I have used this brand for many years. I recommend exfoliating your skin first to get the best results. This makes application so easy and gaurenteed streak free. One of the best self tanners.
Great color
I really love bed this product it didn’t turn my skin orange it was honestly perfect it’s hard to find a good self tanner and this one s a good one I definitely recommend this and would t change this product at all!
Not so sublime
I purchased a small bottle when it was on sale at Walgreens for $3. I figured as a self-tanner newbie, I'd give it a try. I also purchased a self-tanning glove to ensure it went on more smoothly and to prevent streaks. Perhaps it was my inexperience, but even with the glove, my legs looked weird and discolored. What really bugged me was that the "shimmer" was more "sparkle" and made my legs look like they were covered in glitter. When my friend saw my legs the next day, she made me throw away the bottle and was kind enough to buy me a can of Sally Hansen's airbrush self-tanning spray, which I've been using since.
used before a cruise
It was ok, I tryed this before going on a cruise.. it was easy to apply.. but did not last long and you could tell it was fake...
Sparkling tan
I love using this sunless tanning lotion. I have used it for a couple years now. The sparkle in it makes me smile. The tan is instant. So it doesn't streak.
L'Oreal Sublime Self Tan
This is a very good bronzer that does NOT cost an arm & leg. The color it gives is a golden goddess look that looks natural. Plus it has a glitter/sparkling specks that looks so good.
Good for medium skin tones
I have very fair skin and it creates a drastic change in my skin color, which is perfect in the summer. My mother has an olive skin tone and she uses this as moisturizer and it looks amazing on her. A rich color that is natural and very pretty.
Not bad, but okay.
So I tried this product for the very first time this summer. I seen it at Wal-Mart for about 8 bucks. Later that night I showered and exfoliated well. I then moisturized well. Waited for about 15 minutes then applied the tanning lotion. I seen that it simmered and disnt think much, yes it's colorado see where your applying. So I thought it would eventually fade after it was all said and done. Nope, I looked like a bronzed piece of clothing/object. It was horrible when I woke up to see this transformation. So thank goodness my day off and jumped in shower. Didnt scrub just warm water rinse and blot to dry. Its was very pretty after I had done that. So its okay and a bit alarming at first, just shower when you wake up n use only warm water rinse and blot dry. Its a nice golden tan id say.
not so good self tanner
I had tried this self tanner as one of my friends recommended it and sorry to say I am very disappointed by how well it worked. It left streaks no matter what I did when applying it and it didnt leave a very "natural" looking color. I would not recommend this to others.
I love it
I love trying new tanners. This one lasted a week before starting to look werid.
Okay at first but fades out badly
This gives you a gorgeous golden brown color which looks very natural and not streaky at all but man when it fades away it gets so patchy and I have to scrub my skin off with a wash cloth. No matter the amount of lotion I use it just fades badly. I’ve tried everything. But if that doesn’t bother you and you don’t mind scrubbing and extra exfoliating then go for it cause you do look tan. I still use it all the time. Picture below for when I don’t use it for a while and it fades to patchy.
I used this product and I love it if it gets dark by the feet just take a shower its fine, smells really good has a glitter to it and does tan
You MUST apply a lotion to use this
You cannot use this by itself and get the results they advertise. It stains your nails and palms no matter how hard you scrub. And gets stuck in your dry areas even if you dont apply it there. You MUST use a water based lotion, I recommend both before and after application. And rub rub rub all over your body with the other lotion. You want that lotion to soak your skin even if you have to stay naked for an hour to let it dry completely. If you use it alone it looks so fake and when it fades you look like a younger version of a certain molester of NeverLand, I apologize whoever that offends but my greatest fault is my blunt honesty. I use a light store brand gradual tan lotion (DG) and it makes it look fabulous. I use the lighter version of this also. I apply every 2 to 4 days and its beautiful and looks natural. You MUST paint your nails AFTER application because no matter what it stains around the edges and so hard to get out. It's a lot of work but it beats wrinkles and skin cancer!
Love this tanner been using it since highschool used to lather it on and would be orange and patchy now i use a little bit with another moisturizer and it makes me look healthy and glowy and still bronzed.

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