L'Oreal Paris Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer Natural Skin Tone Enhancer 8 fl. oz.

4.5 5 0 42 42 Get a beautiful glow of summer all year round with sublime glow daily body moisturizer + natural skin tone enhancer for medium skin tones. Perfect for brunettes or anyone who tans easily in the sun. This daily moisturizer and natural skin-tone enhancer is specifically designed to work with your body’s unique chemistry. Advanced skin-tone-specific formulas gradually deepen your skin’s natural complexion for the perfect dose of healthy summer color every time you moisturize. Sublime glow is enriched with vitamin e, skin-smoothing mango butter and sweet almond oil to provide nourishing hydration. Sublime glow daily body moisturizer + natural skin tone enhancers are specifically designed to work with your body’s unique chemistry to gradually deepen skin tone. Light-capturing micro-pearls immediately accentuate your body’s natural contours and provide a soft, subtle radiance.
L'Oreal Paris Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer Natural Skin Tone Enhancer 8 fl. oz.


I use moisturizer every single spring when it starts to warm up and I can find myself from time to time in shorts. Even through the beginning of summer. I love that is extremely moisturizing in my skin feels smooth and hydrated, and it has the perfect amount of color which is buildable. It doesn’t have an orange fake tint to it very natural and a pleasant sent honey.
Good product feels light on the skin not heavy gets the job done
Bronzed Goddess
I love this Jergens sunless tanner and part moisturizer it really gives a good amount of color to skin. Be sure to wear plastic gloves when applying to apply evenly on skin nice scent too!
My favorite
I love the tan I get from this Loreal product. Looks natural, not a strong purfume scent , no yellow on hands. looks moist and slightly shinny on my skin. Does not take much, do not over apply. I use it every day in the summer.
L'Oreal glow daily moisturizer & Skin en
This stuff is one of my favorite go-to's for moisturizer & Skin enhancer! It keeps my skin/face from becoming too dry and gives it a glow that is not too much nor too little. The formula isn't heavy or cakey.. it's perfect and comfortable enough to wear all day
Great product
Used this in the summer was a good product. Not oily and greasy like must products
Work great
I love this stuff it works great but the only downfall is that if you add just alittle to much it does feel alittle sticky but other than that it does give a hint of color so it's great for a no makeup makeup day
Lovely for Skin
Works great on my skin love the feeling of it after application.
Subtle shading
This is a great product that add just the right amount of subtle color. My skin does feel good, but if you put too much on then it can feel a bit sticky. It doesn't wear off onto my clothes which is a good thing.
L'Oreal Glow
I love my Loreal illuminating moisturizer. It works great looks natural and has a light smell to it. Daily use to keep that perfect summer glow going. I've used several items in this product line and they've all been great
L'Oreal Paris sublime glow
It did everything it said, it was easy to use, smelled good, not fake. Great moisturizer, I didn't like that it didn't last very long compared to some others, but overall I would buy it again
Doesn't play nicely with sweat
The gradual color is nice and believable, but there is no way I wold ever use this again before going someplace hot where you will be doing a ton of sweating, like camping at music festivals or Burning Man. Even with carefully exfoliated skin prior to first application, you still end up with several days worth of accumulated skin cells by the time you get the color you want. Then, if you are in 100+ degree temperatures, the sweat gets trapped in teeny tiny water blisters that look like heat rash, but are really just water trapped under your accumulated "tanned" gummy skin cells. It's very superficial, and doesnt hurt or itch, but the minute those water blisters break or deflate, that's when your "tan" starts rolling off in brown skin curdles. And if you are camping, there's really no way to exfoliate those curdles off you. So never again! I will never ever, ever make the mistake of using this before a hot summertime outdoor event.
Best ever
This lotion goes on smoothly. It’s a gradual tan so I put it on a few days in a row to get the best color. The smell is not offensive like other products. Try this- you will love it!
Nice product but not for me might be OK for someone with lighter skin
Sun-glow in a bottle.
I really like the L’Oréal glow, lotion. I live on the water and try to get out often enough to contain a light tan year round. Unfortunately, being an adult and busy, I don’t always get to utilize the beach and so I use the glow lotion. It works really well and leaves a really natural looking color on my skin. I genuinely don’t think you can even tell that it’s bottle-tan. It doesn’t have a weird smell and never leaves a fake or orange color. I would give it 5 stars if it lasted longer. It usually lasts on my for about 2 solid days. If I put it on every other day, I’m good to go but sometimes I just forget and my skin goes from glowing to dull over night. Otherwise, I love it.

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