4.4 5 0 106 106 Never lose your Summer Belle bronze with The Summer Belle Bronze Please! all-over matte bronzer. This ultra-matte bronzer is perfect for extending your summer glow, packed with bendable long-wearing pigments. Sweep it where the sun naturally hits for natural, sun-lit color all year long.
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Little goes a long way
I really like this bronzer. It goes on with one brush. Unlike the others where you have to apply several times to get it to show up. Great quality make up.
Good for CVS buy!
I bought this with a few coupons and its good quality for buying makeup from a convenience store but it was a little too dark on my skin so it didn't look very natural. I recommend if you're tan and in a hurry to get bronzer.
Loved the color and it blends very well. I will purchase this again.
So Great!
Great product , easy to apply and your makeup ends up looking so simple yet cute...
Best tanning
I bought this a month ago and I'm dark and the color stays with you and doesn't wash off.
Love it. Very easy to find product to look natural. I found the color that blended well. Like the fact it looked natural. I personally don't think improvements need made. Yes I
Great bronzer
I love this bronzer! Looks amazing on the face, buildable and long lasting. My skin tone is fair so it gives me nice tone to my cheekbones. Also very affordable and smells good. I’d buy it again!
Overall it was nice and light on my face and neck. Not to heavy of powered/bronzer but I have oily skin that appears minutes after cleansing. This made the bronzer appear even shinier on my skin and it appeared to be blotchy after an hour. Good product just not right for oily skin.
Good but little pigment
The color is beautiful after a little layering but could use more pigment. I like the color on me but the pigment is the only thing missing in the product. I recommend this to anyone who likes the natural look!
Loved it!
I really loved this bronzer. It didn't give me that Orange tint that some bronzers do. It was soft and went on smoothly not patchy. I recommend.
Best Bronzer Ever!
This is my go to bronzer. Perfect for contouring as it provides the right amount of shading. Also us it for that all over sun kissed look. Perfectly blends into skin and last all day!
Love it
This stuff is awesome, not shiny or shimmery and not like lotion. Feels more like clay, Mixed with a little lotion, it gave a beautiful perfect even tan....did not come off until shower, and did not make a mess on my clothes. Love it.
Blends like a dream.
I absolutely love the L'Oreal Paris Summer Belle Bronze Please! Bronzer! This bronzer went on so well. Lend it out gracefully the color works very well with my skin tone. And all at an affordable price
Summer glow
I loved this bronzer. It gave me the right amount of color, a natural glow. It is long lasting and doesn't rub off, like others. I didn't have to reapply throughout the day. I love it.
The best so far
I'm a bit behind on times then most but so far this has best bronzer I've tried this far! It's about the 4th one.

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