4.5 5 0 126 126 Never lose your Summer Belle bronze with The Summer Belle Bronze Please! all-over matte bronzer. This ultra-matte bronzer is perfect for extending your summer glow, packed with bendable long-wearing pigments. Sweep it where the sun naturally hits for natural, sun-lit color all year long.
L'Oreal Paris Summer Belle Bronze Please! Bronzer
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Bronze Binge
The beginning of summer I tried several different bronzers so I wouldn't look so pale without having to lay in the sun. The L'Oreal Paris Summer Belle Bronze Bronzer was much creamier than the others and when applied it glided over my skin as if it were a face lotion. Also, the bronze wasnt orange on my skin it actually gave me a sun kissed look and I was very pleased with the reaults.
Left feeling contoured like a GOD 👑 make that jaw line snatched the hell up huuunay!!! Purchased this produced about a week ago and can already tell it will be a staple in my routine!!
Get you some
Omg ladies this stuff took my summer glow to a new level. It looked beautiful and natural while giving me the extra glow I was looking for. So not a waste of $ right here. If you dont have this in your makeup bag.... go get you some!!!
Great for summer
I really like this bronzer, it's perfect with my skin tone in the summer. I have the perfect glowing face now and also I dont use any foundation anymore .. I highly recommend this product
Love it!
I absolutely love this product so much! Would totally recommend!
Somewhat too orange
Its orange on my fair skin but I make it work. Great for a quick bronzed eye shadow look.
My favorite bronzer. Love the color and last, no need to keep reapplying.
Stay tanned all year
I love this product It makes me look kissed by the sun
I really love this. It's a bronzer but also adds a sparkle, I didn't even need foundation. Amazing
loreal bronze please
this bronzer is absolutely perfect for summer . it gives you that bronzey and glowly look . it feels and looks nice . none whatsoever
Really liked it! It gives a beautiful tan look. Would really recommend it.
Loreal Bronze
It gives you a sun kissed glow without the harmful effects of actually tanning also you can get this look all year providing your skin tone with an even look and does not come off when sweating but you need a good make up remover to remove it
Great until it stains your hands.
I love the look of a natural tan (I am very light skinned) but I noticed that my hands were becoming stained in the wrinkles so I suggest applying with disposable gloves.
Make you darker
I really liked this. It deff helps you look tan, however, it is very hard to blend. I am not very make up savy so I had a hard time blending.
Still orange
Im a redhead, and so far alll are to orange. Goes on good aand long lasting.

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