LUBRIDERM® Advanced Therapy Lotion

4.8 5 0 252 252 <b>This lotion is clinically shown to provide 24 hour moisturization for dry skin relief and to help transform extra-dry skin into healthy looking skin in just one week.</b>
LUBRIDERM® Advanced Therapy Lotion


Dermatologist Approved
I have tried out so many lotions trying to find what works for me and what don’t. Well one of the Lotions that works great for me is the Lubriderm Advanced Lotions. What I love about this lotion is the fact that it really works great for people who have sensitive skin, exzema, psoriasis and other skin issues as it won’t irritate your skin! This lotion is really soothing, hydrating, moisturizing, calming and it’s not sticky! I highly recommend it!!
Love it and would use it again i would buy it again even if it was a double pack
We use this every day after we shower to keep our skin from drying out. Love that it doesn't have a powerful smell and it rubs in without a greasy feeling.
Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Extra Dry Skin
I highly recommend this product. A little goes a long way, and your skin feels so ultra moisturized for almost 24 hours. A great lotion for those with very dry and cracked skin.
me and my husband used it we like it it not light or heavy , moistarizued our skin very well
Best lotion
I use to use this on my leg all the time after being burned and it worked great
Lubriderm Trial Lotion
I’ve been using several products over the years, and thought the current one I’ve been using was “the best”. Boy, am I wrong! Lubriderm Advance Therapy IS THE BEST. In 2 days my dry skin went silky smooth, “like a baby’s bottom”. Unbelievable! The Trial defintely changed the way I look at lotion now.
Lubriderm Advanced Therapy WORKS!
I started using Lubriderm Advanced Therapy a few days ago. I immediately noticed that it made a difference the first morning. My hands and feet were softer, but not greasy. My wife, who did not know that I was using the product, commented on the second day of use on how soft my hands were. I cannot wait to see the long term affects of this product. It is going to be great!
I received my product yesterday, August 10th. I have badly sun damaged skin from years of abuse, without sunscreen. So I was anxious to give this a try! I found the Lubriderm Advanced lotion to be very moisturizing and long lasting. Other lotions I have tried wear off quickly leaving my skin dry and scaly looking! Thank you Lubriderm!
Great for dry, chapped hands
I love this lotion! It's really the only thing that works well for my hands. As a healthcare worker, I'm used to constantly washing my hands and having that horrible dry, tight, chapped skin and this lotion has been a lifesaver for me, especially in the winter!
It is a wonderful lotion ,it helped my dry itchy skin to stop hurting.
Winters in NY
Suffer from extreme dry skin in the winter, especially since I love my hot showers. Gave Lubriderm Advanced Therapy a try this winter and it worked great. Lotion absored in quickly and was no-greasy. Light scent has pleasant. Will purchase again in the future.
Advanced Therapy Lotion
I actually haver never heard of this product before, but I really liked the concept of this. The fact that it also help with my skin boosts my confidence even more. This is what I like. Advanced therapy lotion
Love this product . Makes my skin very soft and smooth
I love this lotion. I have used Lubriderm Advanced Therapy lotion for years for my itchy, dry skin, especially in the winter. I also has a neutral fragrance.

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