LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion

4.6 5 0 224 224 <b>Enjoy healthier-looking skin with this hydrating lotion, clinically proven to help moisturize for a full 24 hours.</b>
LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion


It's okay
It's okay. I have it for when visitors stay over or stuff like going to lake.
Best lotion ever!
I enjoy using this lotion daily on my skin. It helps to provide moisture and helps relieve my dry cracked skin especially in the colder months. I would definitely recommend this lotion to anyone looking to help improve their skin.
Daily lotion
This lotion is great to apply daily to keep your skin moist and smooth. In the winter, my skin dries out, and this is my go to lotion.
Lather Up
The Lubriderm lotion is great for normal to dry skin and those who have skin issues! I find that it hydrates and moisturizes My skin, without causing any type of irritation and it’s Dermatologist Approved!
My dry skin absolutely loves Lubriderm lotion! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. No strong scent, great quality & great price.
Good Buy for a Good Price
I've been pleasantly surprised by Lubriderm Daily Moisture. The lotion doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy and does provide moisture to the skin. Lubriderm even did a better job than several of my lotions which were far more expensive. Is it going to be the ultimate luxury in moisture care? No but it is a very good buy for a good price.
no scent
My mom always had Lubriderm growing up and so I started using it for sensitive skin and I loved it. I put it on my face as well and had no issues. I find it to be a great option for all over moisturizer without a greasy feel.
Decent moisturizing lotion
Have used this for a few months now, and it’s good. The lotion doesn’t have much of a smell, medium weight, absorbs nicely and moisturizes your skin for hours. I deducted one star since Lubriderm is Kot cruelty-free...
Faily moisture lotion
I actually haver never heard of this product before, but I really liked the concept of this. The fact that it also help with my skin boosts my confidence even more. This is what I like. Daily moisture lotion.
My "go-to"
I think we all know that there are classes of lotion. There is the super thick "my skin is so dry" after shower lotion. Then there is the hand lotion that is pretty thin that you put on when you wash you hands....but know you will end up washing them again soon. Lubriderm is the lotion that fits between. It is the "I really need something with staying power but don't have time to sit around and let it soak in" lotion.
This has been a go to lotion for me for a long time. I like that it’s reasonably priced and not “watered down”. Its nice and thick and keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day.
Works great
Great stuff. Works great to relieve my dry skin and make it more smoother. Also leaves my skin soft.
Average Lotion
It was fine. There's nothing too special about this product. It feels okay, but it wasn't a lot of help for my skin. Granted I have pretty dry skin, so it it could be that. I will be looking for something different for me.
Such a nice product! Light weight, non greasy and has taken the place of my expensive face moisturizers!
I originally purchased this product as it seemed more reliable as a moisturizer being dermatologically developed. I think it did the job, but the smell was weird and it left my skin feeling clammy. I stopped using it after 2-3 times. I didn't notice a significant difference in my skin, and would prefer to either smell good or have no scent at all.

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