LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion, Fragrance-Free

4.5 5 0 93 93 <b>Enjoy healthier-looking skin with this fragrance-free hydrating body lotion, clinically shown to help moisturize skin for a full 24 hours.</b>
LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion, Fragrance-Free


Honesty is the best policy.
I do house chores ALL THE TIME. One of the example is manually washing dishes. Yes! Manually. I am ASIAN I like making things complicated. 😅 Seriously, I like everything clean and the consequence of all these cleaning and washing is, it made my hands so dry plus I do have a sensitive skin specially more sensitive every winter. Then my husband recommend me to use Lubriderm for Sensitive skin. I am happy with the result and helped of this lotion. I apply 2 or more pumps in each areas of my skin. It truly moisturize and makes my skin soft and less roughness.
Perfect for sensitive skin!
I was recommended this by a tattoo artist! Its perfect for hydrating the skin without being oily or irritating. Love that its light enough that you can use it on tattoos. I would definitely recommend
Awesome lotion
I love this lotion for my hands. I use it all day long especially now that winter is here. I hate the feeling of dry hands. Highly recommend this brand and lotion
I use for my hands
I tend to wash my hands a lot. I have this on my night stand to use before bed. It's not the most hydrating but definitely helps.
Great Moisturizer
I’m bald by choice and shave my head twice a week and never found a lotion that would moisturize and stay that way for a while. Lubriderm solved that problem in a jiffy. Now I can literally hold my head up high and rub my scalp to get that smooth feel that I have always wanted. Thanks Lubriderm.
Soft and smooth
My skin feels awesome! I have tried many different kinds of lotion. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion is amazing! I use it every time I wash my hands at home.
Good lotion
I like it. It does moisturize. It seems a little thin. I've used lotions that were thicker. This one is much thinner in consistency. No improvements. Yes I would recommend this.
Good Moisturizer
I liked this product, my skin felt better after using it for a while.
Not for face
This lotion is great and absorbs easily but certainly is not for the face. i broke out 24hrs after using.
Lotion for Sensitive Skin
I have used Lubriderm for years. My skin is so sensitive I am allergic to most lotions, especially scented ones. Lubriderm has always worked to moisturize my skin perfectly. Must have worked, I am 71 and people swear I am 50!
You should try Lubriderm, Fragrance Free Lotion.
I would recommend, Lubriderm Fragrance Free, lotion. Certain scents of lotion bother me, so liked that it was fragrance free and liked the way it felt on my skin. Also for me I liked adding my own essential oils with it occasionally.
Good for dry Skin
I brought this moisturizer from Costco which has two pack.I was amazing and i love to use this product in future too for dry skil it really helps.
Great for sensitive skin
I recently tried out this product. I have super sensitive skin and this product did not irritate my skin at all.
New lotion
Not exactly what I expected. I thought it would moisturize my body more than Eucerin, but it didn't. I wasn't satisfied with Eucerin, so I thought Lubiderm would be better, but it wasn't.
Good lotion
I love this lotion, it helps my skin feel great without the greasy feeling. I eill be buying this from now on

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