Lumi by Pampers Newborn Diapers Jumbo - Compatible with Lumi Sleep System

4.6 5 0 73 73 <li>Lumi by Pampers diapers are enhanced with a secure attachment area for the Lumi by Pampers Smart Sleep Sensor (sold separately); designed exclusively for use as part of the Lumi by Pampers Sleep Routine System.</li> <li>When used with the Lumi by Pampers Sleep Sensor (sold separately), you can seamlessly monitor your baby’s complete sleep 24/7, including naps, because daytime naps impact baby’s overnight sleep.</li> <li>Features up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Available in Newborn Diapers to Diapers Size 4 (size N-2 come with umbilical cord notch)</li> <li>The Lumi by Pampers Smart Sleep Sensor (sold separately) is exclusively compatible with Lumi by Pampers Diapers.</li>
Lumi by Pampers Newborn Diapers Jumbo - Compatible with Lumi Sleep System


The very first time my son came home from the hospital he had peed 1 time n it was everywhere.... it only happened once or twice..the rest of the time they worked good.
Love it
Currently using this with my newborn. I’ve used this for both of my kids and this is hands down the best diapers ever. Leaves no rash and doesn’t leak.
Great product
Loved the way it kept my baby dry! Fit perfect
Great brand
These were my favorite diapers when my kiddos were little. They are made better than other diapers of similar style and they seem to have better absorpancy than other diapers. They leak less and seem more comfy than others.
I don't have a Lumi but Pampers NB are so far the only diapers that have the umbilical cord cutout.
Swear by these
These are the absolute best ones I have ever gotten to use with my 4 kids these are the ones the hospital start them in and I absolutely love and swear by there diapers right here. There an absolute amazing Patten and couldn't get better then this for me with diapers so thanks for making the ultimate source for my BABIES period
Nice diaper
Good protection , rarely any leaks. No rashes or irritation on my baby. Good fit
Best diapers!
Much thinner, but just as absorbent as Huggies. Pampers swaddlers also seem to fit my LO better. We’ve never had a blowout or leak with these and my Sensitive skin baby have never gotten a rash. The only tiny complaint I have (which is completely not important) is that I can’t stand the yellow design on the diaper. Makes me think that pee is leaking out, which it’s not, but that’s immediately what my brain jumps to.
No leakage
My son leaks through most diapers, but not this one! They have a very nice fit as well.
I was shocked when I tried these, every other pampers has given every single one of my kids rashes but not these.
Great diaper
I have recently used pampers for the last year and it has been great to me. I have tried other brands of diapers that have given my baby diaper rash or dryness or irritation or itchiness but when I use pampers they were the best diapers ever I would highly recommend it
Pretty good
Used on grandson. Absorbs well. Does not leak through. Very good fit.
Great Product
These are the best diapers ever . I use this brand for all of my grand children and they're always dry . They're sensitive to other diapers but these have never effected them in anyway . They're comfortable and they really do stay dry and cause less diaper rashes. I love this and will only buy these.
I've tried countless brands and pampers is hands down my favorite.
Babys 1st diaper
Pampers swaddlers is a favorite of hospitals and doctors worldwide, and mothers too! For a good reason, they are the best diapers for keeping your new baby nice and dry and comfy. I used Pampers from birth with all four of my children and will use them for my Granddaughter as well They are perfect for when they are little brand new ones however as the baby gets older Pampers just dont work as well for some reason I have never understood it but around 3 months old I switched to cheaper diapers and they actually worked better for my kids I had never heard of this new technology they got on these though! Am quite impressed with Pampers keeping up with the times!

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