Lumi by Pampers Newborn Diapers Jumbo - Compatible with Lumi Sleep System

4.7 5 0 242 242 <li>Lumi by Pampers diapers are enhanced with a secure attachment area for the Lumi by Pampers Smart Sleep Sensor (sold separately); designed exclusively for use as part of the Lumi by Pampers Sleep Routine System.</li> <li>When used with the Lumi by Pampers Sleep Sensor (sold separately), you can seamlessly monitor your baby’s complete sleep 24/7, including naps, because daytime naps impact baby’s overnight sleep.</li> <li>Features up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Available in Newborn Diapers to Diapers Size 4 (size N-2 come with umbilical cord notch)</li> <li>The Lumi by Pampers Smart Sleep Sensor (sold separately) is exclusively compatible with Lumi by Pampers Diapers.</li>
Lumi by Pampers Newborn Diapers Jumbo - Compatible with Lumi Sleep System


The diaper for babies with sensitive skin
I just love it. My baby used to get diaper rash with a lot of brands that I tried. Until I got this one. Now his skin stays soft and not irritated. Also the fragrance is great but not invasive.
I really like this product it is really good for young children I use these on my 2 year old and they don't usually leak on me. I would recommend this to anyone.
Best Buy pricey
This has always been my favorite brand. They keep the baby dry and no mess in the morning. I mean the price is high but hardly any rashes or leaks. Dry clothes and skin.
Favorite diapers
Pampers is the best brand for diapers, in my opinion. There are hardy ever any leaks, ever throughout the night! My little can move easily in them and she doesn’t get irritated by them. I’ll soon have another little wearing these! I can’t say enough good things about these diapers and about pampers! I highly recommend!
Pampers is the best
Love all of the Pamper diapers. I find these are the only diapers that don’t leak through or cause rashes on my boys. No improvements needed for pampers.
Yes love these. These are the only ones my little could use with out having a reaction
This is a great brand that made life even easier for parents. Love the functionality
Pampers Swaddlers
Love these diapers. They feel more cloth like than any other diapers.
Must have product
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services. This is a great product to have and extremely useful and innovative.
ONLY option
These were amazing. I didn't know what diapers I liked or wanted with my first born, we tried using Huggies only to realize how much we HATED them. I switched back to pampers and wouldn't have it any other way. Rewards system is a bonus
Excellent product
I am happy with Pampers diapers, I've tried so many brands but Pampers kept my babies bum dry and free of rash.
best diaper
pampers are top tier diapers. i’ve tried so many brands but pampers are always the best of the best. they don’t sag like other diapers we’ve tried and they don’t leak. they’re very absorbing
Pampers diapers
I am satisfied with pampers diapers,as i really liked the fact my babies bum was dry, and rash free. I liked price,and quality. I am discouraged that more retailers dont always have in stock...
Love pampers!
These are some of the softest most absorbent diapers for newborns! I used them with my son and plan to use them this baby. No leaks and always a fresh baby smell!
The best
Nothing beats a smell of Pampers newborn diapers! The softness, the fresh smell, the coverage is perfect! Have used on past 2 girl's and will use on my next one.

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