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Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes
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Great wipes
These are great wipes you can use for so many things. I try to always have some on hand.
Handy to have around. They clean and disinfect many surfaces.
Smells great!
I have always used Lysol wipes to clean and especially through these last few months due to Covid 19!! They smell great and clean ever so good without leaving residue!
Germ killer
Love these wipes, I have a 2 year old son that gets into everything so there handy to keep jerms down and Lysol is a great trusted brand.
Lysol is the brand to go with, strong scent yes but gets the grease and dirt and germs off. Good price for product quality.
Lysol Wipes
I've used Lysol Wipes for years, and I love to have them on hand when it's cold and flu season! They kill germs, and leave surfaces all over my home feeling less "germy!" They leave everything clean and sanitized!
Lysol Kitchen Wipes
These are the best things to have on hand at all times. Cold and flu season is coming, always be prepared!
Smells good
I would use them all the time in the bathrooms in my house and on the countertops
I love it
It's the perfect fit for a family of four. I love the fact that it's reusable, so I save money on cleaning items. And a family with pets that's a plus.
Germ prevention
Great stuff with kids especially during the flu season. With school in session and so many germs so great these to have on hand.
Wash & reuse!
Love Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes, you machine wash and reuse them - they are incredibly absorbent and antimicrobial...you won't want to go back to your old kitchen towels.
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Love to use these as dishcloths, microwaving them periodically, and disposing when necessary. Also use to disinfect counters.
Lysol Kitchen Wipes are a great way to keep my appliances and counter tops spotless!! Very durable~ repeated use is awesome!!
Yes these are FANTASTIC, Everyone should have the on hand.Exspecially this time of year you can even take them along with you

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