Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes

4.6 5 0 156 156 Use and reuse more than 20 times
Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes


Wash & reuse!
Love Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes, you machine wash and reuse them - they are incredibly absorbent and won't want to go back to your old kitchen towels.
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Love to use these as dishcloths, microwaving them periodically, and disposing when necessary. Also use to disinfect counters.
Lysol Kitchen Wipes are a great way to keep my appliances and counter tops spotless!! Very durable~ repeated use is awesome!!
Yes these are FANTASTIC, Everyone should have the on hand.Exspecially this time of year you can even take them along with you
I try this Lysol and it work really great it can clean your kitchen in like 2 mins
Love these Lysol Kitchen Wipes. They are very convenient. They kill the germs and you don't have to worry about the spray getting everywhere since you are using a wipe.
These wipes are awesome and very durable. You can use the se wipe multiple times with out finishing the whole pack on half a counter top.
I have not tried this product by Lysol and have not seen in stores
Lysol kitchen wipes are a trusty go to for me they smell good disinfect and are a convenience I can get used to
I loved this product, with my family always making little messes, this product made clean up so much easier and loved being able to reuse it. Great idea and great product.
LOVE THIS LYSOL PRODUCT!!!!!!! Great to disinfect your kitchen daily!
I have used this, It works great, I also used it in the bathroom on the sinks, faucets and he back of the toilet bowl. Try it you will like it too.
I love to use lysol wipes specially in the kitchen area. Will love to receive free samples too
i use lysol wipes for everything, after all you can never be too careful gives germs when you have children.. i recomend these to others

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