Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes

4.6 5 0 156 156 Use and reuse more than 20 times
Lysol ® Kitchen Wipes


Great stuff with kids and elderly living together.With school in session and visitors with to many germs these are so great to have on hand.
verry goood to use in the kitchen or bathroom, i use in other thinks to clean and it is good excelent
we love these lysol wipes here in our household! they get the job done reuseable and they help fight germs!!
I think that these are the greatest Lysol product, you are able to reuse. I have tried a lot of Lysol and this one has a great sent and I trust Lysol and know that my kitchen will be germ free.
i had a sample of this Lysol wipe, it great, and I love the idea it reusable and it from Lysol a great company.
I have tried these wipes previously and they are wonderful. I love using them to clean up spills in the kitchen. ALso use to wipe down countertops in kitchen and bathrooms.
I love all lysol products I work at doctors office and that is the only thing we use to kill all germs!
I love absolutely everything I have read about these kitchen wipes so far, and I would love to try it out before purchasing it in store.
I love antiseptic wipes . I would love to try these , where the cold and flu season is here . I was to keep ahead of it so no one gets sick . hopefully. please send me a sample . Sherri Leach 34 Annadea rd Brockton, Ma 02302 Thank You very much.
Never tried, would love to sample! Please consider.
Would enjoy using a disposable wipe that you can use then throw away.
YES please send this to me !! I love a clean kitchen, I would love to try this based on my review
never use it be for but I would like to try a free sample thank you.
I want to try wipes clean kitchen. It makes it easier.
We are constantly using Lysol wipes I would love to try these.

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