Makeup Revolution Onyx Primer

4.6 5 0 89 89 Makeup Revolution Onyx Primer blurs imperfections for an immediate smooth matte finish.
Makeup Revolution Onyx Primer


It’s a must to get a good canvas. A primer that leaves ur skin feeling smooth. Ready to just apply a base.
I love these products, very good I love the products from this brand and always recommend it
I love these products, very good I love the products from this brand and always recommend it
I really like this primer makes my makeup look amazing and flawless. I've had a hard time finding primer that work with my skin and this is definitely one of the primers that work for me.
It is Just awesome phle mujhe is brand ke bare me nahi pata tha lekin is primer ke use ke bad mujhe duwara koi primer lene ka man hi nahi hua...i bought this primer for my bday
Oily Skin
When i first bought makeup I didn't know what products that would work for my oily skin but after using this, I haven't bought another brand for primer
This product over all is pretty great! Your make up looks smooth,refreshed,glowing and complete! I liked how it held up for so long! I think it could be a bit thicker tomorrow the better!
Low quality novelty product
This product is definitely a novelty product. Its black in the bottle but doesn't translate to that on the skin. It reminds me of a slightly hydrating serum and leaves an ever so slightly uneven grey cast on the skin.
Great primer
Love Makeup Revolution products. I received free sample of this product. I was immediately surprised by how amazing this product worked. It made my face so smooth. I put my makeup over it and it looked so good. The primer made an awesome canvas for my makeup, it blurred my pores and gave my makeup a great look.
I just got this as a free sample and omg i absolutely and instantly feel in love with it! I highly recommend it!!
The best
Best product ever works very good make you feel good
So affordable!
This is so cheap and affordable and it blurs pores like magic! I have huge pores my cheeks and this just sucks right into them and plumps my skin up. I would highly recommend this.
Pretty awesome stuff
Was kinda skeptical on buying this at first, but I'm glad I finally made the purchase. Works REALLY well!
A must try primer
I love makeup revolution products!Super cute packaging! I love thats it unique. Its a black primer but it absorbs into my skin clearly. I like the consistancy. It definitely blurs my pores on my nose, cheeks & chin. I have mature dry skin (37yrs old) & it works perfectly . Makes my foundation look flawless & helps my makeup stay on throughout the day. I am obsessed with primers & i have tried ALOT of them. This primer is a must try!
I live in sout Arizona where it’s always hot weather. I like someone to develop something for woman over 40, so makeup doesn’t melt to work in heat.
Love it!
I love this product so Much! This is a must have for all you make up junkies out there. I never had a problem on keeping my make up looks flawless and lit since I found this product! Love it! Will definitely buy th is again

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