4.7 5 0 68 68 Makeup Revolution Onyx Primer blurs imperfections for an immediate smooth matte finish.
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Flawless finish
I really liked this primer. Remember, a little goes a long way. Otherwise your face will end up looking grey/dark. It sets nicely and the foundation over it ensured a flawless finish. Highly recommended.
Great product
It went on nice and smooth on my face I would suggest this product to my family and friends
Great for combination skin
I love this primer, a bit pricey but well worth it, I'll probably never use another primer again! It doesn't weigh down like some primers and it makes your makeup look amazing. It's great for combo skin, doesn't dry it out but keeps oil away, shrinks your pores too, it's awesome, I love it and will buy it again.
Get ready for beautiful skin
This product is the perfect compliment to your make up regiment. It gets your skin ready for make up without weighing it down. It is definitely worth the price. Your make up has never worked so well.
Smells Lusious and calming even could call it tranquility The snuggle bear is smushy, singley adorably, the best animated spoke personal ly gorgeous little tan tinted,fuzzy ,big-eyed cute, little bitty male bear.I am so glad I tried your product using coupons that I'm sure many people appreciate.Will definitely
Omg I am so inlove with this primer! Of all the primer I've been used this is the only primer that suite my combination skin. And since i have oily and dry face i used to get alot breakouts but this is the only primer that perfectly stays and fits my skin and shinken my pores. My make up stay on my face all through out the day! I highly recommend that you ladies should get your hands to this it's definitely a piece of heaven i tell you!
Amazing product
great product. It made my face feel so soft and my makeup went on so much better. It also stayed on and lasted throughout my entire day. I can’t say enough about this!! Yes!!
This primer is so perfect, I bought one for my mom too!
What lines
This primer is in my top five. I love it so much I purchased two more bottles for a total of three. It definitely was matte without drying out my skin.
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It works really well I would recommend it to people to use
Works, but wish for eco friendly package
A good product. Not too original or exciting did a decent job. Wishing it had eco friendly packaging.
This primer is amazing! I have rosacea and sensitive skin, most primers make me break out real bad but this is amazing. It’s silicone like texture creates a layer between my skin and foundation, for me this is perfect. 10/10!
This primer applies on very smoothly on the skin.It gives a nice glow and it’s worth your money.
This primer works so well and make your makeup stay long lasting and i love to use it as a moisturizer

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