4.8 5 0 174 174 Creamy, smooth milk chocolate sprinkled with M&M'S® MINIS Milk Chocolate Candies creates an irresistible crunch that, well, raises the chocolate bar to an M&M'S® level
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Rich Chocolaty Flavor!
For the price of this product, it's very much worth it. The chocolate bar is just rich enough to be satisfying, but not enough to make me want to put it down. I would most certainly recommend this to others. Only thing now is wanting to see a dark chocolate version of this!
My husband bought this for me a few weeks again to try it out it’s good but a little to chocolaty for my taste
I tried the crisped rice and almond versions. They tasted good but was a little too chocolatey for me. Needs more add in mixed in bar.
Really overkill
It is essentially what you see is what you get. This is a chocolate bar with candy shells all in it. Tastes pretty good, but nothing too special.
Crunchy M&M's Candy Bar
Yum Yum I loved the quality chocolate. The crunch from the M&M's made it extra good. I would recommend this to my friends and family!
So tasty
Well M&Ms are my favorite but when you put them with chocolate that was even better. I think who ever came up with this idea is brilliant.
good combination
I love chocolate and this is a great combination. Who doesn't like m&ms in everything chocolate!
This was good as far as taking care of a chocolate craving, but it fell flat on being a really great candy. There just wasn’t anything special about it to me. My chocolate loving young daughter bought one with her allowance and agrees that it’s just a crunchy chocolate bar without any amazing qualities.
I recently tried these chocolate bars. So yummy!! Multiple flavors, so you have many to choose from. Excellent taste and smooth chocolate. Great product, if a little pricey.
Pretty damn good
It was pretty good, It had a good ratio of m&m's to chocolate bar. If that is your thing :)
Love it!
I tried the milk chocolate and the peanut. They are both very good.
good chocolate
Passed this randomly in Walmart and decided to give it a try. It was honestly really good chocolate. The chocolate is smooth and light but real good flavor.
So yummy!
I have tried this with the m&ms mini and the peanut one. They were both so yummy. There’s a few more I want to try!
Good chocolate
I enjoyed this chocolate bar. I was smooth and creamy.
Yummy! Chocolate on chocolate! The milkyness is so good. Great combo.

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