M&M's Caramel Stand Up Pouch

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M&M's Caramel Stand Up Pouch


M&M's Caramel
This was totally not what I expected. When I think of caramel, I think of ooey and gooey. This was definitely not either of those. It is very hard caramel. I would not purchase this again.
It’s nice and chewy when you bite into it. A little messy if you like to nibble or have kids that eat in smaller bites.
Great M and M s flavor
Love these. I enjoy these along with the peanut ones. The pouch fits right in the refrig door for easy access for a handful anytime I want. Sometimes you just need a little pick up and these M and M s are perfect.
Bag of M&M's
Ok , so let's just say that I LOVE chocolate and M&M's but I didn't care for these Carmel M&M's. The taste is good but they are super chewy and they get stuck in your teeth. No I don't think I would recommend this product to friends and family.
So yummy and different! Love the satisfaction it give when you need a little something sweet
I've tried this snack a bunch of times and it is the best the caramel is just the right amount and not to overdone i done see any problems with this snack all i can say is the i totally recommended
Great taste and came with enough in package
Excellent flavor. I really love this combination
Excellent candy
Great for snacking. Can throw them in your pocket. Not messy. Super tasty. Easy to share at party's. Definitely a snack for the movies or on a road trip
Melts in your mouth
Caramel m&m are my absolute favorite. They are hard to find so when I see them, I buy as many as possible. I love the flavor. Caramel is favorite.
Caramel M&Ms are just as good as the coffee M&Ms, once past the crunchy sweet shell, the rich milk chocolate melts easily as you discover the silky caramel center and it melts in your mouth.
M&M Great inRecipes
Not only are they great right from the bag they are also great in incorporating them into recipes.
Not Just For Kids
I actually bought a bag for one of the grandkids and of course they looked and smelled delicious so I tried some. They absolutely melted in my mouth. The taste of chocolate and caramel just makes your mouth water. Caramel M&M's are so creamy good you just have to try one..or a bag 😁.
They are good... but when I bought them some of my caramel had melted out of the m&ms so it was really messy
Caramel Goodness
M & M’s got this one right adding caramel flavor. It’s not your typical caramel Candy. It’s not super chewy so, you can enjoy more. Lol I really enjoy the taste.

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