M&M's Caramel Stand Up Pouch

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M&M's Caramel Stand Up Pouch


Just okay
These are pretty good, flavor is fine, but the caramel is too runny for my tastes.
I love caramel flavor everything. I was expecting a more creamy caramel inside than what is really in there. Not my favorite caramel treat but they are pretty good.
Get in my belly!
Oh, I love taking these candies and wrapping my chocolate chip cookie dough all around them before baking! Talk about heaven on earth!
Not what i expected
So i LOVE peanut butter M&M’s with every inch of my soul. I wanted to love these so bad but they were just not good. Extremely over sweetened. Almost so sweet that they were bitter.
High Hopes
Ok so I love caramel and I love chocolate, and I absolutely love love love peanut m&ms so it was a no brainer to try these, right,? I don't know how or why this happened, but I was completely unimpressed. They were so sweet, but a bad sweet. Maybe they should take some peanut m&Ms and add inside just a little bit of caramel. just an idea.
Ooey Gooey Caramel
I love caramel and I love chocolate so this seemed like the perfect product for me. These little M&M bites make me see heaven. However - I will say these are a bit on the sweeter side. I have a high tolerance for sweet but it could prove to be a bit too much for some people. I would still recommend you try it though!
I like the texture; they taste very good, and I will buy these again
So good
Im a huge fan of chocolate, so honestly these have definitely been a frequent repeat buy for me
Caramel plus M&Ms...what more can you say!? It’s a match made in heaven. So good. Can’t believe it took so long to come out with this variety. I hope it’s here to stay!!
They are okay
I have tried these and I prefer The peanut, almond and regular M&M's personally. I felt these were too sweet for my liking.
The M& M test and review is always a tasty time. M & M’s are great to add to your cooks or a plate of ice cream. Anyone who likes Chocolate, that melts in your mouth, will enjoy this snack.
Tastes great!!
This is my favorite M & M, they are so good especially when you chill them and add them to ice cream!!
Good But Sweet
I love caramel, but don't eat candy often. I try random candy when it looks interesting and these fit that completely. They are very good, but I ate five and was done. They are too sweet. I'd rather eat the peanut M&M's if I am going to eat them at all (I don't like regular M&M's at all). I gave them to my stepdaughter who loved them!
My daughter love it!
My daughter is 25 years old and loves these chocolates. You can carry several in your wallet in a ziplock for a snack or simply for a dessert craving. They are very convenient and go a long way.
Perfect go to candy.
The perfect snack when you're craving some chocolate and caramel. The entire family loves these as our chocolate/caramel go to candy. No improvements should be made.

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