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Just not my favorite
Don't get me wrong, if it were provided to me I'd gladly drink it, but I think no matter what I've tried it's bitter. I'll stick with Folgers.
Best coffee
I buy this band all of the time. Glad that there is now a flavor lock so I don't have to put it into my flavor lock container. I cannot think of anything that would improve this great tasting coffee. YUM
Only way to wake
Best taste in the mornings in my opinion. I love the rich taste of the French blend. Its aroma fills the house and starts my day with a smile
Good coffee
Its a good coffee. The price is good and it tastes good.
Good to the last drop
Not big on coffee but when I buy coffee for the house for friends or family, this is my go-to. I grew up with them aroma in the house; makes me think back to making it for my grandma in her old percolator. It's smooth and rich in flavor. The price is right for starting your morning.
Good till the last drop
I drink my coffee strong and I love the smell of it when I wake up in the morning. This is my favorite coffee. I drink coffee all day and night.
I like my coffee strong and i like the smooth tasted of this kind im picky and i don't drink coffee a lot
My favorite
I really love this coffee. It has a great taste and freshness every time you wake up and want that relief from a great cup of coffee
Always going to be fresh
I have been a coffee drinker for many years now and I know that Maxwell House is always going to be fresh. I know there are lots of coffee out there that are great too but Maxwell house is the best and always will be.
Delicioso!! probe este producto y me gusto muchísimo, su sabor es muy intenso y su aroma es delicioso, muy original y natural, me encanto probarlo.
excellent brew
i love coffee and Maxwell House has consistently make great coffee
Coffee All Day
Ive been buying this coffee for a couple yesrs and its the only coffee ill buy. The container itself keeps the coffee so fresh, i can taste the difference between good coffee and stale coffee. That container is a big reason why i keep buying and the taste is just perfect. Its bold yet doesnt have a bite and smooth as it goes down. Ive found it a few different places at different prices from $6-$12 which i think is crazy. Ive also found that they ground their coffee just perfect, its not to fine but not course. If you like smooth bold coffee you will like this.
Not a fan!
Ana J. Los Angeles 43 reviews Jan. 13, 2019, 5:36 p.m. I like my coffee strong but I don't want to taste how strong it is, if you know what I mean. It taste like dirt. It smells good in the can and when brewing. This is definitely not the brand that I prefer. I would not buy this again.
great taste
Maxwell house coffee is always on my coffee shelf , the price is great for the amount you get and it last along time . Flavor is always strong and it gives me the energy i need to get through the day !
Perfect roast
So Maxwell house French roast coffee has the perfect flavor, strength and aroma. I used to be a Folgers girl...

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