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Coffee addict
I love Maxwell house brand coffee, I especially love the French roast. It has such a good aroma and that's before it perks, and the taste is amazing. My dad is the one whom I got my coffee addiction from lol, but he always drank Maxwell House.
I love my coffee. Have to have it. No matter where i am. Maxwell house is one of my top 5 favorite brands. This specific blend is very delicious. Bold flavor. Will get you up and going and you will enjoy its bild flavor.
Very good tasting
This product was a favorite I wish I could get more
I loved it love me some coffee. it was prefect i would totally buy it again and again. It was so good and smooth it was simply amazing... Got some went back to the store got me some more .. MMM MM GOOD TO THE SOUL!~!!
Maxwell House Coffee French Roast
Maxwell House French Roast Coffee has a mild flavor and is good for a breakfast coffee.
French Roast
Maxwell House French Roast ground coffee is one of my favorite dark roast coffees to brew in the morning. It has a rich coffee flavor, that's not bitter. The sealed plastic canister keeps every granule fresh and tasting great, pot after pot. It even has a great aroma and goes well with any of my favorite creamers and add ins, or even on it's own. It's priced lower than many other national coffee brands too.
Maxwell House
I LOVE Maxwell House coffee !!! The FRench Roast is pretty good and I'm bumming because I didn't get here in time for a free sample. FYI The Columbian is awesome as well.
I love the smell of coffee in the morning. Been drinking Maxwell House for allot of years. This blend is perfect for me. I loved it and will buy again.
Good morning
I love maxwell house coffee. It’s great to wake up and make and gets your day started well you can make it as strong as you want or not!! It’s a nice bold taste and I’d recommend it!
Strong, smells good, and brewed to a fine texture and taste
Every morning for work or on my 15 minute breaks I would brew this coffee. It tasted perfect and would give me the energy I needed. I not only liked it but everytime I would go to the break room the pot was always empty so I know all my contacts workers loved it. Heck I would even brew me some in my coffee cup and take some home cause I usually had an hour drive back home and it kept a pretty good job of keeping me awake mostly. I loved it so much I had to purchase me a big thing of this coffee cause it's the only brand I use.
Great coffee
Great coffee I drink coffee every morning when I wake up I enjoy drinking my morning coffee before I start the day.
Good morning world!
Love this coffee! Good taste, not over bearing, so it mixes nicely with whatever flavor cream you use to serve with it. Nice scent when brewing.
Not my favorite
Not at all at the top of my list of brands to buy.
Great Coffee
The smell and texture of the grounds is great! It brews nicely and taste good. It is usually a good price as well.
Personal Fave
I grew up with Maxwell House coffee - my dad was extremely partial to the brand, and the great flavor that came with it. Since I was 14, my ratio has been 1 scoop (1/8th cup) coffee grounds to 2 cups of water (per the measurement on the side of the carafe)... Maxwell House is reliable and delicious - it will always be my personal favorite!

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