Maybelline New York Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara

4.5 5 0 137 137 Maybelline New York Colossal Curl Bounce long lasting mascara turns up the volume with bouncy curl and up to 24 hours of wear, Thanks to its Memory Curl formula, this mascara delivers a big curl that stays up all day.
Maybelline New York Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara


This was an okay mascara. It didn’t do more for my lashes than other mascaras. It was relatively easy to remove
There’s not much I can say?
Again. Maybelline you failed me! I wanted to love you and keep you in my pocket. But the formula you deliver was just GOOPY JUNK! Ugh. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating but the amount of combing I had to do was ridiculous
not great
a lot of people love this mascara but it didn't work for me personally. It made my eyelashes stick out instead of lifting them up. It was also kind of clumpy. maybe i got a bad batch i'm not sure. but it's a no for me.
Great Added Volume
I tried this mascara, and I loved the results. I found that it gave my lashes a full look without having to use an eye lash curler. The voluminous eye lashes lasted throughout the day, and I appreciate the long-lasting wear of the mascara.
Pretty Good
This isn't my favorite but it works well enough I guess. I really don't care for this type of mascara brush. I would use this if I didn't have anything else but I wouldn't specifically go to purchase this particular kind.
Why buy high end mascara?
I will never understand why some people buy high end mascara when maybelline drug store mascaras exist. Ive never tried a bad one from this brand. Specifically this product, i do throughly enjoy. It gives me lashes that arent too dramatic and blend it perfectly with the rest of my eye makeup
Lovely mascara
I bought it for my daughter and she loved it .She said it makes her lashes looks natural.
Pretty Good
This mascara works well if you're going for a more natural, barely there look. Just make sure you curl your lashes before hand! I do like the lift it gives and the curvy shape of the wand. However, it isn't thickening and the easiest to apply so it's not my absolute favorite.
#1 Pick for mascara
I was a little surprised that this formula works so good. The curved wand is awesome and really helps you get that fluffiness.
okay nothing special
Nothing special about this mascara. It was not very volumizing and did not last for more than 5 hours. Had to re-apply half day through. Good mascara for beginners of make up but not for professional make up usage.
Bouncy Curls and Bold Volume: Maybelline
Let's start with the unique brush design – the curved wand with a mix of short and long bristles. This innovative design allows the mascara to coat each lash from root to tip, ensuring no lash is left untouched. The curvature of the brush adds an extra lift, opening up the eyes and giving lashes a natural curl. The bristles effectively separate lashes, preventing clumping and providing a defined and fluttery effect. The formula of the mascara is a standout feature. It strikes the perfect balance – not too wet and not too dry. This consistency allows for smooth application without any globs or flakes. The pigment is deep and rich, giving the lashes an intense black color that enhances the overall look.
I wasn't wowed but it does the job. I didn't see much of a difference. I wouldn't repurchase.
Good but not my favorite
I picked out this mascara randomly to try one day and was not disappointed! It made some of my lashes clump together, but was quickly fixed afterI brushed out with a spooly. Stayed on all day, didn't smudge, and was easy enough to wash off!
Great mascara
Love this brand of mascara! Definitely does the job with giving your eyelashes the lift you’re looking for and doesn’t flake which is something I look for in a good mascara
Does not smudge
Maybelline New York Colossal is one of my favorite mascaras. It is not messy or clumpy. It makes my eyelashes look longer than they are. I also like to wear waterproof mascara for work so that it doesn't smudge. I would definitely give two thumbs up

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