Maybelline New York TattooStudio Brow Lift Stick

4.1 5 0 54 54 Meet Tattoo Studio Brow Lift Stick—lift your brow look, skip the salon hassle. Now just swipe on and brush up to get lifted and sculpted brows. This easy eyebrow shaper delivers a lifted, sculpted brow look from a stick. Its tinted wax conditioning complex formula smoothes and lifts brow hairs into place. Delivers all-day wear. Also, its Lifter Brush shapes brows with ease. Fade-resistant and smudge-resistant. Available in four brow shades for every brow type.
Maybelline New York TattooStudio Brow Lift Stick


You better have a steady hand
I am just good enough and applying makeup to be able to properly utilize this piece of cosmetic genius. I better get this right the first time because there are no do-overs. Not unless you want to wash your face and start all over again. Or the very least wash your eye area and start all over again. It is not forgiving in that sense make a mistake and you are toast having said that get it right and you're going to look fantastic. I just don't trust myself enough to get it right the first time and I'm too worried that I won't look fantastic. In conclusion if you nail it you really nail it if you bomb good luck.
The truth
This brow pencil is the truth. I was honestly amazed when I used it the first time. I am not an eyebrow expert but I got my eyebrows together real quick. I would recommend this.
It was okay
I'm really impressed with this brow lift stick! The instant lift it gives my brows is remarkable, creating a more awake and youthful appearance. The creamy texture glides on smoothly, and the subtle shimmer adds a touch of highlight that beautifully enhances my brow arch. It's easy to apply and blend, and the effect lasts throughout the day. Whether you're aiming for a natural or more defined brow look, this brow lift stick is a fantastic tool to have in your makeup arsenal. It's become a must-have step in my routine!
Love it
Really nice to have and I am going to get a nother one
Beginner friendly
The package design makes it very easy to apply onto the brows. I prefer to use my own spoolie to brush my brows after apply for a more natural look. It also has a nice creamy consistency.
didn't stay long
On the positive side, the formula is smooth and easy to apply, and the color selection is impressive. It did a decent job of filling in sparse areas and defining my brows. However, I found that the staying power was not as long-lasting as I had hoped. After a few hours, I noticed some smudging and fading, which was disappointing. Overall, it's an average product that gets the job done initially, but falls short in terms of longevity.
Great for showing off beautiful brows!
I'm sooo obsessed with this product!! Not many people realize your brows frame your face and if they can't be seen, your whole face is kinda just washed away. Get a great brow stuck and show off your brows, Ladies! This is a perfect start!
Good for beginner
It is really good give my eyebrows a nice shave a Lyft, but not today as much as I want and we will give it a try again
Nope not for us
This just wasn’t good for us… it looks pen fake. The process of pen wasn’t convenient and it was just over all a fail. It also didn’t seem to be a good price point for what you received.
Maybelline New York TattooStudio Brow Lift Stick is amazing! It is super easy to apply, with a creamy formula that glides on smoothly and stays put all day long. The built-in highlighter is a game-changer, giving brows a natural-looking lift. This product is a must-have for anyone looking to perfect their brows
Not good
Good idea in theory but the wax stick is too wide and too waxy. Other than that it was a great design concept.
Doesn’t do much
This product doesn’t hold your brows in place or add color or coverage. I wouldn’t really recommend it but if you were in a pinch it could be worked with. The texture and consistency don’t bother me, it’s like a wax.
Not a fan
Its hard to get those fine lines in the brows, and the tip is just too thick, if you have thicker eyebrows that dont need fine detailing this might work for you but its a no from me.
It does give you some lift, but the design isn't very user-friendly. I did not like this product.
It's long lasting taste is great
It was great long lasting ir was good choices and looked geeat

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