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This seasoning is perfect for slow cookers. It makes my roast taste great.
McCormick Slow Cooker Seasoning Supurb!
McCormick Slow Cooker Seasoning Mix is so easy to use as all of the seasonings needed are included in the mix to give delicious flavor. Our family loves it. I love that I can use it with any meat I chose. Put it in the slow cooker, add water and my meat choice, leave and come home to the amazing aroma and relax. Dinner is ready! Toss in potatoes, carrots or other vegetables and meal complete! Perfect!
Go-To Seasoning
This is such a great little packet of flavor! Our favorite is the pot roast in my house!
slow cooker
i have tried all of there slow cooker ecipes for the meat and we love them so much they are very simple to use and just put it on and put your meat in the cooker and you have dinner very simple love the convience and the tastes of all of them
Easy and Ready
I love how simple this makes dinner for me to prepare a home cooked meal my family loves within minutes and it is done when we get home from work and school takes little time to prep and they are always delicious
Excellent flavoring for slow cooking meat. Great to make chili or stews
Quick and easy, Perfect for throwing in the slow cooker to add great flavor when I just don't feel like preparing it myself!
Slow cookers season packages are so convenient just throw in the crock pot with whatever you are cooking before you leave to work& when you get home it's all seasoned perfectly, so no digging in the spice cabinet's
Great season and not to salty .I love the texture and makes the best gravy it the only slow cook season I use.
Always buy these seasoning packets when I want to put something in the crockpot because it is so much easier then going out and buying a bunch of individual spices which will probably go to waste. There is a good selection of packets so we always try something new. But my families favorite is the pot roast.
I love these easy all-in-one seasoning packs! Perfect for tossing in before work without having to dig through the spice cabinet.
I use my slow cooker a great deal. I am always looking for a new flavor to shake thing up. You won't be disappointed.
Absolutely amazing flavor,easy,my entire family only uses this seasoning for stews&roast.A must have in your pantry.
MicCormick Slow Cookers seasoning mixes are really great for putting meals in your crockpot before work and returning to a delicious flavorful meal!
Love these so easy to use and never worry about over seasoning meat and veggies. Love the convenient of using this to help have a loving meal to serve my family.

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