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New Hair?
A much easier way to use Hair Growth treatments.. I have used it for a few days and looks promising
Hair growth and way to apply
I have tried several products to help my slow hair growth. This cream is very easy to apply and to wash out. As with all Rogaine products I definitely noticed increased and faster hair growth. I definitely enjoy and recommend.
Tired this product for a while and never saw any results from using it. Would say its a scam product.
Noticeable results
I tried this product for 2 months and was skeptical at first. To my amazement I did start to notice my thinning areas getting thicker. So I would surely recommend this product. It's easy to apply and maintain a regiment. I saw the first results about 3 weeks into use and continued while using. I did receive this product as a sample for review. I really did try it and continue to use it regularly. These are my honest opinions.
My dad uses this and it makes a world of difference
Not Bad
My husband is not a fan of having his routine messed with, and this requires some adjustment to his routine. It's a pain in his butt to use it everyday, l but it works very well,and he is pleased with the end results :)
I tried the Rogaine for a few months. I didn't notice any difference. I guess it doesn't work on me.
Rogaine for Men
I know it sounds weird but I did use the mens formula when I was going through chemo, I started using during chemo and my hair started coming in immediately and fast even while on was still going through chemotherapy, definitely recommend this product!!!
MEN’S ROGAINE® FOAM is super easy to use. I helped my husband apply it to his hair. We both really use an improvement in hair growth after using MEN’S ROGAINE® FOAM. MEN’S ROGAINE® FOAM really does work and I highly recommend using it.
Try it it works
This is a great product Rogaine has so many products and I have seen it first hand , I worked at a hair supply company for almost 8 yrs and this is one of the top selling product on the market
Works well, Is not greasy or make your hair look oily, Give it a try an see the difference
Women’s Rogane foam
I was using this product for 6 month and it doesn’t work at all. I don’t have a big problem with my hair but it is thinner then I would wish. I expected Rogane make my hair thicker.
Great product
My father regularly uses Rogaine foam for bald spots he had. No longer does he have to wear hats to cover up! Rogaine has helped get his confidence back!
I would recommend a trial
I applied Rogaine to the places where my hair was thinning due to male pattern baldness and hair grew back in. The difference was noticeable.
Love it
Tried it. Loved it. Certainly made what I had thicker and even noticed some new growth. Started using it several months before bariatric surgery.

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