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Mens Rogaine Foam
It was ok. I haven't seen a change yet. But will continue using it. In hopes that my hair will begin to grow back.
Me gusta el producto lo estoy usando por dos meses y me ayudado mucho con el crecimiento de mi cabello..lo recomiendo
Is it noticeable?
My fiance has been using this product for a little over 2 months now and I don't see anything yet. I don't know if it's just because we live together so I see him everyday. We will cont9to use it for a few more months to see if we notice anything else.
You have nothing to lose!
My husband uses this because he had a bald spot that he wanted to cover up. His step dad uses it and had recommended it to him. He has been using the product and there is a noticeable difference. Its not life changing but he's happy with it.
Worked for my dad
Got this for my dad and he loved it. He’s used it as directed and it’s worked wonders for him.
Works pretty good
My husband has tried Rogaine foam. And it worked pretty good for him. He got some thickness back to his hair. The product was easy to use. And applying was easy.
Hair Loss
I was experiencing alot of thinning and I used this product, it did take a few months but I did have new hair growth.
My husband has hair now
My husband stared using this about a year ago for his baldness. and he has a full head of hair now, I can run my fingers threw it and it looks great
Not with the money to me. Used it for 6 months and didn't see enough of a result to keep paying for the foam. Worked great for my friend. That's why I tried it.
Awesome stuff
omg,I got this for grand father before he went back to Cuban and I must say, this stuff works and is great. He had lost his hair in the middle and was so ashamed that he'd wear hats, even in the house. a month and a half after using this, & his hair is blossoming and is so beautiful
Sadly not impressed
We had high hopes for using rogaine. Sadly, it was used for over about 6 months with no noticeable benefits, and if anything things got worse.
Better then i thought
My uncle started using this when he noticed alot of his hair was falling out and was starting to see alot of thinning. So i recommend he try rogaine since i heard so much about it. And he loves it. Says he has noticed hardly any hair falling out anymore and his hair seems full again. And for an Italian trust me las thing you want is thinning hair. But i highly recommend this product. You need to make sure you stick to the instructions and use as told else you will not have results. You need.
Awesome product
My father uses this all the time. He was having trouble with his hair thinning. We tried multiple products but none worked. Luckily we came across this. We started seeing results in less than two weeks. My father hair is now fuller.
Rogaine works...
My work friend and and my dad have both tried Rogaine foam and it has worked for both... of course my dad is further a long in balding but he did have hair spring up in places that had not previously. My friend had just a small spot he applied it on and now you cant tell he ever had a bald spot.
Works to an extent
I think that this product does work to a certain extent based on someone's medical factors. I have alopecia and nothing such as this ever worked for me but what has not worked for me has worked for my father and he does not have alopecia. He started seeing growth within a couple weeks. I'd give it's expectations about a month to see results but as I said before to each its own.

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