Milano Pumpkin Spice Flavored Cookies - 7oz

4.7 5 0 29 29 LIMITED EDITION FLAVOR: Pumpkin Spice cookies are a fall treat LUXURIOUS FLAVOR: Pumpkin spices and rich milk chocolate pair up for sweet indulgence CRISP AND DELICATE: Milano® baked cookies are crisp in texture and delicate in flavor SAVE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF®: Set aside time during your day to put yourself first and indulge with Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookie 15 COOKIES: Per 7 ounce bag of Milano cookies
Milano Pumpkin Spice Flavored Cookies - 7oz


Um um good
These cookies are great. Perfect size ingredients is perfectly mixed. The texture is perfect. One of these Cookies, perfect holiday flavor and treat for the family. Don’t miss
Delicious Pumpkin Taste
My kids really wanted to try these and I was a little hesitant because I'm not a pumpkin fan. To my surprise, these cookies are pretty delicious. The pumpkin flavor has the perfect amount of flavor, it's not to pumpkiny. The crunchy cookie gives the creamy pumpkin center a delicious amount of added texture. I need to buy my own bag and hide it from my kids! I would recommend giving these a try.
Love it!
At first I kind of thought yuk. But after trying the cookie, I actually like it. I would purchase again.
Pumpkin spice
Milano Pumkin Spice flavored cookies are a limited edition fall special. So enjoy these decadent creamy chocolate and pumpkin spice smashed between two cookies that will melt in your mouth while you can.
Amazing Fall Treat
These cookies are absolutely delicious. The crunchy vanilla wafer sandwiches decadent pumpkin spice filling for a comforting bite of fall flavors. I tried them with plain and dipped in cool whip - I recommend either way!
I love all things pumpkin spice so these were a must have for me. I think they were good but honestly expected a little more bring Milano cookies. I would buy them again though.
Absolutely delightful, tasted really great, buy it all the time now
Only the best cookies ever
I love this time of year when I can snuggle up with a good book and enjoy everything pumpkin flavor I can find. These cookies are so rich, flavorful, decadent and Devine I purchased enough for months of myself, family and friends to enjoy. The perfect crunch, sweetness and yummy pumpkin spice to make the cold weather go away. Of course you know it is from Pepperidge farm, so you expect and get the best quality.
The Pumpkin Spice >>>>
As we approach Pumpkin Spice season, I think the Pepperidge Farm Milano Pumpkin Spice cookies are perfect for the occasion. You get all of the amazing textural & flavorful perks of the Milano cookie with the perfect pumpkin spice flavor! Perfect for curling under your favorite cozy blanket with a sweet moment for yourself.
Delicious fall snack!
These cookies in general are amazing, but I love this pumpkin fall variety! Super great snack I crave!
Perfect Snack
If you're looking for a quick bite or snack, these are the cookies that will give you that bite. They're not overpowering with pumpkin flavor so, the chocolate and pumpkin don't fight each other. Milano cookies are always good but, this one with pumpkin is great.
Yummy cookies
I love Milano cookies, I haven't tried the Pumpkin spice but I love the Dark Chocolate ones. Really I love all the Pepperidge Farm cookies. They are so fresh and homemade tasting.
Yum yum
The best crunchy , great flavor rip in your coffee type nice and small perfect snack love love flavor the color and texture the best also perfect for teas definitely recommend
Love PF Milano Cookies
PF Milano Cookies are one of the few I usually purchase, basically because they are the best. I tried the Pumpkin Spice Milano and they did not disappoint. They were delicious. Can definitely taste the pumpkin flavor.
MILAN'S are fantastic cookies. I am not a fan of pumpkin spice.

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