4.8 5 0 25 25 An overnight lip mask that replenishes, hydrates, and calms, so you wake up to smoother, softer-, plumper-looking lips.
Milk Makeup: Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask
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Amazing make up
Loved using this. Very Smooth and works great on skin.its soft on the skin .color maches
Blown away!!
this actually helps me sleep! I’ve had trouble sleeping for years and this product has saved me!! love the fact that it’s a clean product and love how I’m actually seeing results!! I don’t love the smell but it’s not bad and it’s SO worth it! moisturizing too!!
Very moisturizing on the lips. Highly recommend this one.
Amazing lip cream.
I love this melatonin lip cream. It leaves your lips smoother, fuller, and rested.
I fell in love with this stuff after the first use, it feels amazing on your lips. You don't wake up with dry or chapped lips. and it smells good :)
Makes my lips feel amazing
Milk makeup is one of my favorite brands! I've been using this lip mask for a while now and I love it so much! It makes my lips look soft and full! It's perfect anytime my lips need a little extra pampering!
I really love this Milk Makeup: Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask since it really helps to keep you lips feeling soft and smooth. I have never used this type of lip mask but really love it and use it again
Loved this product ! Left my lips glossy an very soft the next morning . Would recommend 😁😁
I really enjoyed this Milk lip mask. The face that it had melatonin in it was just a bonus! I woke up to smooth lips and feeling refreshed after a great night's sleep.
Love this overnight melatonin lip mask!!!, makes my lips feel great in the morning
Milk Makeup: Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask
Milk Makeup: Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask. This works really well
So luxurious!
I love this lip mask. I tend to get really dried out while sleeping; I always wake up in the middle of the night badly in need of lip balm and a sip of water. This lip mask not only helps me relax at night because it’s infused with melatonin, it also leaves my lips feeling so soft and moisturized all night! Can’t say enough good things about this lip mask.
A lip product that actually works
I am amazed at how will this particular lip product worked for my insanely dry chapped lips, especially since every other product on the market that I’ve tried has failed me. This one is great because you put it on right before bed and let it do its magic while you sleep and then wake up with fresh luscious soft lips. For me, achieving this result was beyond my expectations for what a lip product can actually do for me.
Smooth lips
I've tried many many product for my overly dry lips and this was,a miracle in a small bottle. I noticed a difference the minute I put it on. When I woke up the next morn. My lips were still moist. Finally a product that works, I'll continue to purchase
This works really food for acne
My son hadbacne onn his chest anvd face and this a completely clerwd it up!

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