Minties Teeth Cleaner Dental Cat Treats Chicken Flavored 2.5 oz.

4.5 5 0 45 45 The mouth-watering dental treat dogs can't resist! With a delicious blend of real peppermint, MintiesTeeth Cleaner Dental Dog Treats Medium/Large, 40 count are flavorful treats designed to give your dog fresh breath and a sparkling smile. Minties Bone Treats help remove plaque and tartar by the mechanical action of chewing! Give your petite pooch kissably fresh breath with VetIQ Minties Dental Medium/Large Dog Treats. There’s nothing sweeter than an affectionate kiss from your favorite pooch – but unfortunately, bad dog breath can often ruin what should be a sweet and endearing moment. Thankfully, VetIQ is here to help. We offer a variety of vet-recommended pet wellness supplements, including our Minties dental treats which are specially designed to control plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth, help clean teeth, and ultimately freshen your pet’s breath. No matter how bad your dog’s dental health, our Minties dental chews are here to help your favorite furry friend achieve fresher breath! Each treat contains five natural breath fresheners to promote minty fresh breath and help break down odor-causing particles in his tummy. They’re also free from wheat, gluten, soy, corn, artificial flavors, and animal by-products so they’re easy to digest and ideal for pups with sensitivities to certain ingredients. VetIQ Provides quality medication and supplements for your pet at prices you can afford. We desire to provide the best information possible so that you can make informed decisions for your pet.
Minties Teeth Cleaner Dental Cat Treats Chicken Flavored 2.5 oz.


Doggos Fave
This is a must have for our goldendoodle. She loves these and they keep her mouth fresh and clean!
I have a picky cat!
My cat is so picky, but he LOVES these Minties. I was surprised when he actually ate the whole thing and was asking for more. They made his breath smell so much better than normal lol. I definitely recommend!
love these!
My cat is very picky about what she eats, and she loves these! Will continue to buy !
Not for picky pets
I was really stoked when I initially saw this product because our dogs have been using similar treats and they've almost totally gotten rid of that nasty dog breath; so I had really high hopes when I saw the product marketed for cats. I honestly can't say whether it's an effective product or not, because for it to work at all my cat would have actually had to eat them. They smell really strange, even to me, and I couldn't even get her to lick one. She straight up refused to have anything to do with them. As an far as I could tell, they only came in one flavor, so maybe if that excided their selection the t product would have a wider appeal or better sauces rate. Who knows.
Fresh Breath Kitties
Both of my cats come running when they hear the bag shaking and will meow until they get some. They both seem to really love the flavor and their breath smells so much better. It's a win-win!
My Cat’s picky and he liked it
My kitty Moon had no complaints when given these treats. He ate them happily! They are also Wheat free which my dogs are allergic to so it puts some peace of mind for me if the pups where ever to get into the cats treats!
Cats like ir
My cats ate these and it definitely made their breath smell better!
Works and my cat likes it
Pretty good overall does as intended and my cat likes the taste too as he keeps asking more, also noticed his breath was better than usual, I suppose I could see myself buying more for him
Pretty good
My cat seemed to like these.she had Fresher breath and happier attitude. Not messy and seemed a perfrct size for her to chew. Would definitely recommend this for any kitty!! Purr
Minties cat
Overall I like the product for my cats. They seem to really enjoy these as a special treat.
My cat loves
These Minties teeth cleaners work great for my cat. It makes her breath smell good and she enjoys eating them. I have already recommended these to my friends. They now use them for their kitty's too.
My cat's favorite treat!
By far my cat's favorite treat! You know how sometimes they get picky or bored about a flavor? Not a problem with this one. They love it to the last crumb. I love it because it helps their teeth and helps freshen their breath.
Best treat for my boy
My Boy cat Loves this treat it help keeps his teeth nice and clean and strong! He seems to love the flavor has he tired to break into the bag when I am not looking! There affordable and great for his dental health!
Not the best for picky pets
I personally don't know how they taste, but my pets seems so-so they really don't care for the greenness, or Any other type of green chewys that helps with Plaque or any type build up, so if you have a picky eater like mine fuchildren (fur children) then maybe i would try but wouldn't recommend it..because you could get them something you know they like better insted.
Teeth whitener for cats
My cat just loves these and it makes their teeth so white very good product

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