Minties Teeth Cleaner Dental Cat Treats Chicken Flavored 2.5 oz.

4.4 5 0 32 32 The mouth-watering dental treat dogs can't resist! With a delicious blend of real peppermint, MintiesTeeth Cleaner Dental Dog Treats Medium/Large, 40 count are flavorful treats designed to give your dog fresh breath and a sparkling smile. Minties Bone Treats help remove plaque and tartar by the mechanical action of chewing! Give your petite pooch kissably fresh breath with VetIQ Minties Dental Medium/Large Dog Treats. There’s nothing sweeter than an affectionate kiss from your favorite pooch – but unfortunately, bad dog breath can often ruin what should be a sweet and endearing moment. Thankfully, VetIQ is here to help. We offer a variety of vet-recommended pet wellness supplements, including our Minties dental treats which are specially designed to control plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth, help clean teeth, and ultimately freshen your pet’s breath. No matter how bad your dog’s dental health, our Minties dental chews are here to help your favorite furry friend achieve fresher breath! Each treat contains five natural breath fresheners to promote minty fresh breath and help break down odor-causing particles in his tummy. They’re also free from wheat, gluten, soy, corn, artificial flavors, and animal by-products so they’re easy to digest and ideal for pups with sensitivities to certain ingredients. VetIQ Provides quality medication and supplements for your pet at prices you can afford. We desire to provide the best information possible so that you can make informed decisions for your pet.
Minties Teeth Cleaner Dental Cat Treats Chicken Flavored 2.5 oz.


Not the best for picky pets
I personally don't know how they taste, but my pets seems so-so they really don't care for the greenness, or Any other type of green chewys that helps with Plaque or any type build up, so if you have a picky eater like mine fuchildren (fur children) then maybe i would try but wouldn't recommend it..because you could get them something you know they like better insted.
Teeth whitener for cats
My cat just loves these and it makes their teeth so white very good product
My dog loves them and I like the way they help
Minutes dental chews for cats
At first 2 of my cats didn't want to try. They smelled and licked at it . My older cat instantly loved Minutes. After that the other 2 dug in and loved Minutes.
Cat wouldn't touch them
My 18 yr old cat wouldn't touch them. I left them out in case would eat them after I left. Saw they were gone but found them when I cleaned her litter box.
Cleans cats teeth and freshens breath
After seeing the Minties Teeth Cleaner Dental Cat Treats Chicken Flavored on #HomeTesterClubNA I decided to buy them because my cat's breath was gross. My cat really loved to eat these treats after her meals. I have been giving them to her twice a day for 2 weeks now and her breath has improved so much. I think her teeth even look whiter also. The cat loves them and they work. I will definitely continue to purchase these and I recommend them to all cat owners. Keeping up onyour cat's oral health is part of maintaining your cats overall health and that makes me feel like a better cat mom.
Cat loved them!
My cat get envious every time my dogs got their Minties for their bad breath and tartar control. We purchased these to see if our two very picky cats would like them. Well, they loved them so much that they will try and tear in the bag for them.
Didn't like....
Everything about this product sounds great but unfortunately my cat happens not to like it. But it sounds good and looks good in person.
the package gives alot of information but my cats didnt really like it
Fresh breath
Every morning my 2 fur babies know they are getting minties. I started buying these because they are great for tarter buildup plus their breath smells fresh. My Veterinarian always tells me that their teeth look great
Clara passed on these!
I was so excited to give these to our 5 year old Russian Blue Clara. Our dogs just love Minties and they really help with the plaque. Clara did not agree nor approve and would not try them.
Minties Teeth Cleaner Dental Cat Treats Chicken Flavored 2.5 oz.
All I can say is my cat love these and it keep her teeth clean
Not for my picky kitty
My cat is just one years old and he is picky picky this cat eats only ham baby food by Gerber and only blue Diamond dry food with chicken. His head went up and walked away. Picky picky
Dog minties
I actually like these dog mints my dogs love them I really should buy them more! They are pretty pricey at some places but I do get them when I can
Worked sometimes
My cat is 6 years old, pretty healthy girl. She usually gobbles up treats pretty quickly. I gave her a few pieces but she only had one or two and walked off.

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